New Crimestoppers film emphasising the charity’s anonymity guarantee

Crimestoppers – the charity that gives people the power to speak up and stop crime 100% anonymously – has unveiled a new short film to explain who we are and what we do. 

Launched earlier this month, it shows how ‘Stoppers’ who contact us with crime information, can help tackle crimes ranging from gang violence and County Lines, to hate crime and hidden harms like domestic abuse.

Crime is everyone’s concern and last year half a million people contacted our charity. Many people feel unable to talk directly to authorities which is why Crimestoppers plays a unique role in community safety.

A central feature of the film reinforces our promise of anonymity: namely, there are no people visible as anonymity is at the heart of everything we do. We exist as an independent charity for those people who are desperate to do the right thing, but are unwilling to contact the police directly and wish to remain anonymous.

Crimestoppers’ last corporate video was made in November 2009. We refreshed our brand in 2018 with a focus on reaching more people who share our charity’s belief that everyone has the right to feel safe from crime wherever they live or work.

Mark Hallas, Chief Executive of the charity Crimestoppers, said: 

“We know that around 20% of the public choose not to report a crime. Certain groups are also less likely to talk to the police for cultural reasons or safety fears. This represents millions of people that could benefit from our service. We hope this new film – to be used across our communications – will reach and inspire more people to trust us.

“We are proud that we have kept our promise of anonymity for more than 30 years. Behind every call or online contact is a person we can help. Their information stops the most harmful of crimes, where vulnerable people are often exploited and harmed.

“Our new film shows examples of some types of crimes where we have an impact and show that people always have options about passing on important information about a crime.”

Ryan Mansfield from Tinderflint productions said:

“CrimeStoppers approached Tinderflint to come up with a unique approach for their campaign. The challenge was how to bring anonymous stories to the screen in an engaging way.

“The crux of our approach was to film strikingly cinematic shots of empty urban environments that reflected a range of crime scenarios. The environments were purposefully devoid of human activity, creating a visual motif that reflected the concept that unreported crimes are invisible to the world.

“Each scene alluded to an ‘unseen crime’, using sound-designed soundscapes created completely in post-production to tell the stories behind our empty images, coupled with a voiceover from several actors to bring each scenario to life and land the message of Crimestoppers as a trustworthy and non-judgemental charity.”

Crimestoppers charity can be contacted 24/7 365 days a year on 0800 555 111 or via the untraceable anonymous online form at: We also run a youth service called, tailored for young people to make them aware of crime and encourage them to pass on their information via