Thursday, 18 July 2024
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Thursday, 18 July 2024

New charity, Veteran’s Army, launches with gruelling challenge on Armed Forces Day

A brand-new charity, set up to support veterans in their post-service lives, is launching with the ultimate challenge – lifting 62.5 tonnes each, the equivalent of a Challenger 2 Battle Tank. 

All the funds raised by Veteran’s Army will go back into the veteran community and support former service personnel in establishing new careers after the military through training programmes and courses, counselling and therapy.

The charity’s mission is to help individuals readjust to civilian life and avoid the pitfalls of PTSD, including anxiety, addiction and, all too often, homelessness. It will support, counsel and train former service people from across the UK Armed Forces.

Charity founder and former Special OP Battery member of the British Army, Ryan Yates, said:

“I myself have been through recovery and know a few people who have committed suicide after serving Queen and Country. This is why I know first-hand just how much regular support can help an individual, which is why I have started Veteran’s Army.

“I want to create a safe haven where former service personnel can seek help and talk freely and not worry about being judged. Community is everything for veteran’s, and we will promote that with everything we do.

“It’s our belief that those who’ve served their country should receive unparalleled support and recognition following their military career, and here at the Veteran’s Army, that is exactly what will happen.”

New charity, Veteran’s Army, launches with gruelling challenge on Armed Forces Day
Ryan Yates – Afganistan

The challenge will take place at 12:30pm on Armed Forces Day (Saturday 26th June) at DNA Movement gym in Bolton (BL1 4TQ), and there will be 7 people taking it on.

The public can support by donating at:

Veteran’s Army is also on Instagram, and a website is coming very soon!


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