Sunday, 23 June 2024
UK Charity Week 2024 - Sponsored by Sinclair Method UK
Sunday, 23 June 2024

New charity launches with a mission to protect local nature, wildlife and heritage

This week, Habitats & Heritage, a new charity dedicated to looking after the natural and historic environment in south and west London has launched. The charity is the result of the merger of Environment Trust and South West London Environment Network (SWLEN).

Habitats & Heritage hopes to combine the expertise, experience, resources and work of both charities to deliver greater impact in conserving the natural environment and built heritage. The launch coincides with England entering another lockdown, which is a chance for people to connect with their natural and heritage environment and really enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits this affords.

The charity is also promoting volunteering opportunities, events and resources that will enable all ages to explore, enjoy and preserve nature and heritage and it is calling on everyone who lives or works in south and west London to support them and get involved. Find out more on the Habitats & Heritage website or join their Supporter Scheme for just £10 per year, which allows people to become further engaged in projects and find meaningful opportunities tailored to their interests.

Colin Cooper, CEO, Habitats & Heritage said:

“Habitats & Heritage has opened its doors! We are the new environmental charity in the south and west London and our mission is to protect and restore our threatened local rivers, green spaces and parks and historic built environment for this and future generations.

“Lockdown renewed our appreciation of nature and wildlife and its benefits for our wellbeing and mental health. As we go into another lockdown, we will have the chance to explore the local green spaces and parks, look after the wildlife in our gardens and discover hidden historical gems right on the doorstep.

“When the lockdown is lifted, there will be many opportunities for people to get involved with local conservation and heritage projects, from creating new green hubs to developing wildlife corridors and working on river projects or restoring iconic local buildings.

“Everyone can take pride in their local environment and make south and west London a haven for nature, wildlife, and heritage. We hope to attract many new supporters and feel this an exciting and critical time to be part of the bigger and brighter future of the charity.”

For more information about the new charity, please visit


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