Sunday, 23 June 2024
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Sunday, 23 June 2024

National Neuro-Disabilities Day Launched to highlight one in six people affected in the UK

BRITISH Home, one of the UK’s oldest charities for people living with neuro-disabilities, has named Sunday 6th June 2021 as National Neuro-Disabilities Day; an official date to raise awareness of the one in six people in the UK affected by a neurological condition or brain injury, and support British Home’s 2021 fundraising campaign to advance its specialised care and rehabilitation for people living with neuro-disability.

There are more than half a million hospital admissions every year in Britain, which could lead to Neuro-disability, and 12.5 million people in England living with a neurological condition.

National Neuro-Disabilities Day seeks to not only shine a light on the number of people affected and their under-representation in society but the incredible scientific, medical and therapeutic advances we have seen over the years, which help people live independent, positive lives after acquiring a brain injury or neurological condition. It is also a day to celebrate the people who care for those who need it across the country, from family members to professional care providers, including at British Home.

National Neuro-Disabilities Day Launched to highlight one in six people affected in the UKNeuro-disability is an umbrella term for conditions involving damage to the brain and nervous system caused by disease or injury. These are complex as many body systems are involved, the brain being the most complex. People living with neuro-disability face significant and complex physical and psychological difficulties. They may now be unable to easily communicate, control their body, move or eat independently, and, because of their brain injury, may have difficulties with memory, as well as issues with processing and retaining information.

2021 is a pivotal year for the charity, which is preparing for a number of developments to its historic facility in South London, including a new High-Dependency Unit for people with more complex and more demanding conditions.  The new unit will provide personalised one-to-one care, therapy and activities facilitated by highly-skilled staff and the most up-to-date equipment.

Established in 1892, British Home is one of the UK’s oldest charities and provides residential care, therapy, support and hope for people with Neuro-disability, typically coming from injuries to the brain or nervous system sustained from accidents, strokes and other acquired conditions.

Paul Perkin, CEO of British Home, said:

“We are immensely proud to be launching our own National Neuro-Disabilities Day. A sixth of the UK’s population is affected by Neuro-disability, so this is an opportunity to not only highlight this but remind everyone that there is support and care available if you or a loved one experiences brain injury or an acquired neurological condition.

“We may be turning 160 this year as a charity, but we’ve always moved with the times, and Neuro-disability will continue to impact the lives of people in years to come. We look forward to celebrating the day on 6th June now and into the future, long after its inaugural year.”


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