Sunday, 21 April 2024
Sunday, 21 April 2024

Muslim charities set to double donations this Ramadan

GIVEMATCH, the match funding technology platform, is partnering with Muslim Aid and Orphans In Need this Ramadan to help the organisation double their impact. 

Ramadan is the holiest month in the Muslim calendar. Throughout the month, Muslims worldwide will fast during daylight hours, dedicate more time to prayers and focus more on supporting charitable causes.

In previous years, the Muslim Charities Forum has estimated that UK Muslims will collectively donate over £130 million to charity during the holy month. This Ramadan, the platform will help donors to do more – doubling the impact for causes close to their hearts.

Givematch allows people to double their donations through the power of social influence and social sharing. When a person donates through the platform, they receive a unique link. When they get two friends to donate via that link, their original donation is doubled.

The platform works alongside generous corporate donors to offer their match-funding services. As campaigns progress, donors can see how much is left in its match-funding pot – meaning they can follow their chosen charity’s fundraising journey every step of the way.

Muslim charities set to double donations this Ramadan

Ismael Dainehine, the founder of Givematch, said:

“Ramadan is a moment for more – more prayers, more family, more giving. By donating through Givematch, people can make their Ramadan donations do double the amount of good. 

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with many fantastic charities this year. With Muslim Aid, Islamic Relief, Orphans In Need, and others coming on board, donors from all backgrounds can match donations for a cause that speaks to them. We’re also very grateful to the corporates who come on board and make our work possible.”

Diana Alghoul, communications manager at Muslim Aid, said:

“Muslim Aid is one of the oldest Muslim charities in the UK and has been around for decades because of the integrity of our work. We don’t just strive to hand out aid; we are dedicated to ensuring our aid allows people to help themselves. By Using Givematch, our donors have the opportunity to double the impact of their donations.”

Jonaed Afzal, UK Director at Orphans In Need, said:

“By partnering up with Givematch, we’ll be able to provide twice the amount of support to orphans and widowed families who are in real need. We hope that donors will give generously this year as we work to change lives worldwide.

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