Musician pens special song as a tribute to his 85-year-old mum

Kevin Hall wrote ‘Lost Inside’ after his mother was diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Struggling to cope with her illness, he expressed his feelings in song – and now hopes the single will bring solace to others, especially at Christmas.

Dementia UK, the provider of dementia specialist support through Admiral Nurses, is backing the single – with all proceeds from sales going to the national charity.

The idea for ‘Lost Inside’ came after Kevin took his mother, Maura, on a road trip to Ireland, where she grew up. “Spending time together helped us to reconnect. I saw her as my mum again, not a patient who needed help. I realised she wasn’t lost to me – I still had my mum, I just needed to find her and pull her out.”

Writing the song was both cathartic and painful.

“It brought up a lot of emotions,” says Kevin, who has performed on stage with Billy Ocean, Midge Ure, Matt Cardle and Katherine Jenkins. “Before mum was diagnosed, things were really difficult. She was very anxious and would phone me over 30 times a day. It was all-consuming and draining but people just said I should be more understanding. I was feeling frustrated, angry and guilty and I felt completely alienated.”

Kevin hopes his song will bring comfort to other people who’ve been touched by dementia.

“It’s been tough, but once mum was diagnosed and I knew what I was dealing with things started to get easier. I’m reading books about dementia to help me understand it and I’ve started performing in care homes. Music is an amazing source of energy.”

His mum, who supports the single, lives close to Kevin in Sandy, Bedfordshire. “We go out for a coffee and chat and she’ll tell me the same story again and again. But I’ve learnt that I’m a patient man. I know that mum will get worse – so I’m enjoying the good bits while she’s still here.”

Julie Cox from Dementia UK’s Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline said:

“This is such a heartfelt song and it’s a real privilege Kevin has decided that all proceeds go to Dementia UK, to help more families with dementia have access to a dementia specialist Admiral Nurse.

“Christmas can be an isolating time but music has the power to bring people together. This is especially the case for family carers and people diagnosed with the condition – we’re all rooting for a Christmas number one.”

The CD costs £5 and is available from 15th December at