Thursday, 23 May 2024
Thursday, 23 May 2024

Murder, mystery and fun for charity

CAUDA Equina Champions Charity have teamed up with DBY Interactive to bring you an evening of murder, mystery and lots of interactive fun whilst raising vital funds for the UK’s official Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) charity. 

The charity’s ambassador, Duncan James, has also personally invited everyone along to the evening with a video message informing everyone what lies ahead if they attend, whilst encouraging raising awareness for the syndrome, which he also suffers with.

Discover the clues, motives, evidence, hear the witness statement, meet the suspects and interrogate them live!

The victim – pop sensation Michael Melody, famous for his number one hits as well as his colourful lifestyle. Melody’s latest album has just dropped, and everyone wants a piece of him. Life was pretty perfect, or so it seemed…

There has been speculation in the press – that although Melody had taken full credit for the album – self-labelling it ‘the greatest masterpiece of a true genius’ – Melody was in fact a fake. But he was quick to squash those rumours and anyone who made them.

Behind closed doors – Michael was known as a monster and a womaniser, who would stop at nothing to get to the top! Had someone had enough? And who is the real genius behind Melody’s work?

Join Agent Glenn and fellow detectives as you trace back the steps of that fateful day. Explore the crime scene, look for clues and motives, discover evidence, and hear a statement from a special guest witness about Melody’s final hours in the public eye.

After collecting your evidence… you will interrogate the suspects LIVE. Who is telling the truth, and who has something to hide?

Claire Thornber, Founder of Cauda Equina Champions Charity, commented:

“Lockdown has been detrimental for early diagnosis for lots of Cauda Equina Syndrome patients, and our charity has a helpline that can offer support for unsupported patients at this difficult time in their life. Earlier this year, we launched our first-ever fundraising campaign, ‘1 Million Steps for CES’ and have already raised over £5,000 for our small charity. We want to continue raising vital funds to support CES patients and raise more awareness of the unspoken syndrome. Join us for an evening of fun, and help us raise the word for the syndrome by doing so.”

Becky Brooks, Interactive Specialist at DBY Interactive, commented:

“We are so excited to work with Cauda Equina Champion Charity. Our events are about helping audiences lose themselves in a storyline, interrogating suspects, having fun discovering the clues, and putting together motives. It’s a chance to work with friends and family as well as strangers. Discuss possible theories and create some new memories. We really hope the event helps bring people together even though we are apart.”

The murder mystery event ‘Killing The Melody’ will take place on Friday 28 May 2021 at 7pm – tickets are available online for £40 per household (plus £3.71 Eventbrite fee).


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