Saturday, 25 May 2024
Saturday, 25 May 2024

Muntada Aid set to continue its humanitarian mission in Niger

OFFICIALS at the Muntada Aid charity say it is closely monitoring the ongoing political developments in Niger. 

As of today, our ongoing humanitarian programmes will continue delivering assistance to those in need.
“We are constantly in touch with our team in Niamey and are monitoring the situation,” said Naif Sheikh, CEO of Muntada Aid.
Muntada Aid runs health, food, livelihoods and clean drinking water programmes in the country’s capital, southeast and northeast regions.
“Our aim remains of delivering vital assistance to those who depend on our services in the country. Most of the projects are being delivered by our amazing local team, however, we have a. planned cataracts mission in October which we deliver in partnership with the local government, doctors and our London team. We are aiming to carry out over 800 eye surgeries during this deployment and as of now, we are not changing any dates. We will also continue our ongoing work on five solar-powered water stations in the region of Zinder,” said Sheikh.
Niger has remained a country of focus for Muntada Aid for the last three years and the charity has provided clean water solutions to almost 100,000 people alongside food and livelihoods programmes. During this period, Muntada Aid has also carried out almost 3000 eye operations in the country.
Muntada Aid’s mission is to develop healthy and sustainable communities worldwide. Through implementing innovative social, economic, education, and health and wellbeing programmes the charity aims to empower those denied social justice and human dignity, in order to make a lasting change in the world.
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