Thursday, 22 February 2024
Thursday, 22 February 2024

Mudiad Meithrin recruits three new Board of Directors members

RECENTLY, Mudiad Meithrin welcomed three new members to its Board of Directors. The Board is the charity’s governing body, with responsibility for Mudiad Meithrin’s policies. The Board consists of Honorary Officers of the Mudiad, elected members from each region, and co-opted members.

Mudiad Meithin is a registered charity and is acknowledged as the main provider of Welsh-medium early years care and education. Nationally, there are over 200 employed staff and over 1,500 staff working in Cylchoedd Meithrin across Wales. Their vision is that every child in Wales should have the opportunity to play, learn and grow through the Welsh language. Wherever there are young children in Wales, Mudiad Meithrin (and therefore the Welsh language) should also be present.

Dr Geraldine Lublin

A native of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, Geraldine began learning Welsh when she moved to Cardiff in 2002. Following the completion of a doctorate at Cardiff University’s School of Welsh, she began working at Swansea University with funding from the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol. She is now a member of staff in the Department of Languages and Translation, where she teaches a variety of modules, including Welsh medium ones.

‘It is a privilege to join Mudiad Meithrin’s Board of Directors on the occasion of the institution’s 50th birthday. I hope to contribute to the Mudiad’s all-encompassing work not only through my academic expertise but also on the basis of my experience as a foreigner who has settled in Wales and learned Welsh. Not only has the language opened many doors for me in the world of work, but it has also been an eye-opener for Welsh culture. ‘

Dr Catrin Edwards

Catrin brings a wealth of experience to Mudiad Meithrin’s Board from her work across the third sector in Wales as a leader, a trustee and a volunteer. As well as language planning in the third sector, her work includes supporting communities to develop and inform robust national organisations and influence government policies. Taking a rights-based approach is central to Catrin’s work, including promoting the rights of children. Catrin is a mum to two young children and lives with her family in Cardiff.

Dr Gwennan Schiavone

Gwennan originally comes from the village of Pandy Tudur near Llanrwst but has now been living in Carmarthen for 16 years. She completed her first degree and doctorate in Welsh History at Aberystwyth University before pursuing a career in Welsh education. She worked for the Welsh Language Board and then for the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol for a decade before taking on the role of Welsh in Education Leader in ERW’s education consortia in 2018. She is a mother of 5 young children and is passionate about the work of Mudiad Meithrin.


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