Monday, 15 July 2024
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Monday, 15 July 2024

Motability to hold accessibility workshop for EV charging project

Motability, the national disability charity, will be holding a workshop as part of its project to make electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in the UK accessible for people living with disabilities.

The workshop will follow Motability’s partnership with the UK Government and the British Standards Institute (BSI) to develop and set accessibility standards for electric vehicle charge points across the country. The standards will provide the industry with guidance on how to make charge points more accessible by summer 2022.

In its EV charging market study, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has welcomed this partnership and Motability’s work to ensure accessibility standards are developed.

Catherine Marris, Head of Innovation at Motability, said:

“We’re delighted that the CMA welcomes our standards as we work to ensure disabled people aren’t left behind in this future shift. We really want disability organisations to feel listened to and have the chance to input into this world-leading standards process. Together we can ensure the future of EV charging is inclusive for everyone.”

Motability’s accessibility workshop, taking place in August, will ensure other disability charities have the opportunity to come together and inform the standards. If you are a representative, member, or work with groups of disabled people or people with long-term health conditions and are interested in attending this upcoming accessibility workshop to contribute to the standards work, contact

If you work within the local or national government, industry, or other related sectors and would like to learn more about Motability’s research findings and upcoming work, please get in touch.


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