Meet the inseparable ‘double act’ carers with a 40-year age-gap

CARERS Tara, 30, and Chris, 70, started working together eight-years-ago, and have since become an inseparable pair. The delightful duo work as Community Carers for Brunelcare, delivering care in people’s homes as a team.

The double act then joined Brunelcare in May 2018. Tara and Chris are so inseparable, they were even interviewed together for the role at the charity, and asked if they could continue working doubles together! The pair now visit people’s homes in the South Gloucestershire area delivering personal care for Brunelcare clients.

Prior to his job in care, Chris previously worked in the ambulance service for 25-years. He made the switch to care 10-years-ago after taking time off to care for his relatives and started working with Tara two-years later. Tara also started working in care 10-years ago after wanting a career change from her role in retail.

Tara said: “I love working with Chris, we are such a great team and just get on really well. I’ll deliver the personal care in a client’s home while Chris will do the household chores, and in the next home, we’ll swap around. It just works for us!”

Tara and Chris’ friendship also extends outside of work. They enjoy going to the cinema or shopping in their spare time and have made plans to see musical performances together later this year.

Chris said: “Despite the 40-years age gap, we make a fantastic team! We both have a similar sense of humour and a huge passion for care and what we do. Tara won’t be getting rid of me anytime soon – I have no plans to retire yet, I love my job too much!”

The double act says that they have formed an unbreakable friendship, and plan to continue working together at Brunelcare for as long as possible.