Medical research charity appoints CEO

FRAME, the medical research charity committed to reducing the number of animals used in scientific testing, has appointed its first Chief Executive Officer.

Celean Camp has joined FRAME from the Association of Child Protection Professionals, where she was Director and responsible for delivering the organisation’s strategic plan and its services across the UK. Her previous roles have included Operations Manager at Accessible Arts & Media and Charity Manager at the Institute for Effective Education.

Celean has a MA Hons in Psychology from the University of Aberdeen and a MSc in Psychology from the Open University.

FRAME, which is dedicated to replacing the use of animals in scientific experiments, has undergone significant restructuring over the past three years which has resulted in the creation of the new role.

Celean will be responsible for driving FRAME’s overall strategy and operations, including fundraising, education, publicity, allocation of scientific research grants and publication of FRAME’s scientific journal, Alternatives to Laboratory Animals (ATLA), and will work closely with the FRAME team and its Board of Trustees to raise the charity’s profile and increase income to support its work.

Celean said:

“FRAME has an excellent and longstanding reputation for pioneering cutting-edge alternatives to laboratory animal testing, and I hope to build on this by developing FRAME’s education and outreach work to ensure that future generations of scientists understand the available alternatives to animal testing, and the scientific industry is aware of the benefits of non-animal methods, both in terms of validity and cost.

“We understand that we need to be pragmatic in order to change what is an embedded practice, but with the number of viable in vitro and in silico alternatives to animals growing, we are in a strong position to work with policymakers and regulators to push for the end of suffering of laboratory animals and move towards becoming a more humane society.

“My role at FRAME represents a great alignment of my skills and background in the charity sector as well as my passion for animal rights. From a young age, I campaigned on the issue and chose to study at a university department without an animal laboratory and work for a leading cruelty-free cosmetics brand in my first job.”

Dr Anna Cadogan, FRAME Chair of Trustees said:

“We are delighted to welcome Celean to FRAME. Not only is she an experienced and dynamic charity chief executive, but she also has a long-established passion and commitment to animal rights and has a clear understanding of the benefits of non-animal medical research.

“Celean will play a vital role in driving our three-year strategy and taking FRAME to the next level as we seek to raise our profile, increase support and share our expertise and knowledge of alternatives to laboratory animals with industry and academia on a wider scale, to push for much-needed changes in policy and practice.”

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