An ethical media agency from London has announced it will be offering its services free-of-charge to a charity looking to reach new and diverse audiences.

Mans Media, an independent marketing and advertising agency, is proud to announce it will be waiving its usual commission fee for one chosen charity, providing services worth up to £45,000 for free.

The agency, which was founded by Prasad Manjrekar in 2013, is fast becoming known for its work with ethical brands and organisations within the third sector, having already worked with household names including the NSPCC.

Now, Mans Media are cementing their position as an agency with a heart by inviting registered charities to get in touch for a brief discussion on the outline of their intended campaign. The agency will then assess everyone who has been in touch and select one charity to benefit from up to £45,000 worth of free services.

Speaking about the offer, Prasad, who is the managing director, said:

“Mans Media is passionate about helping organisations who work to improve the world, whether that is socially or environmentally.

“We want to help charities reach as many people as possible with their message, so this offer to waive our commission fee is just our way of doing our part.”

Unlike many of their competitors, Mans Media have been able to excel for their clients through a combination of direct response TV and brand-building activities. In addition to offering a full range of advertising mediums within the UK, they also provide their clients access to markets in more than 35 countries worldwide.

The move to aid charities comes as recent reports show a sector which is gradually ‘waking up’ to marketing mediums beyond direct mail and door drops. Yet despite an increase in spending on other marketing methods including TV advertising, the charity sector still lags far behind in terms of spending compared to the commercial sector.

However, by removing any commission fees, which normally range from 10-15% of the campaign spend, Mans Media hope their offer will help pave the way for more charities to consider diversifying their marketing and advertising approaches.

Prasad said:

“There are countless examples of successful advertising campaigns run by commercial brands, yet in comparison, the number of charity campaigns pales in comparison.

“Mans Media want to help change the charity advertising landscape, and by giving our services for free we’re ensuring charities achieve maximum impact for their budget, enabling them to use funds for their core charitable purposes.”

For more information about Mans Media, or to submit a brief for your charity, please visit