Sunday, 23 June 2024
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Sunday, 23 June 2024

Martin Kemp fronts local charity appeal on BBC One in aid of The Children’s Trust

On Sunday 22 November, TV star Martin Kemp will present a short film aimed at raising money for The Children’s Trust, a surrey-based charity that helps children with brain injury and neurodisability across the UK.

Martin Kemp who has personal experience of brain injury following an operation to remove a brain tumour in 1997, said:

“I hope lots of people tune into the appeal to see why The Children’s Trust need your help. It’s a subject close to my heart and I hope the money raised continues to help more children and families across the UK access the vital support they so desperately need.”

The film provides a glimpse into the lives of three young people who have accessed the charity’s services: 14-year-old Finn who attends The Children’s Trust School, 7-year-old Amelia who has been supported by the Brain Injury Community Service team and 13-year-old Brittney who received intensive rehabilitation following a car accident.

Brittney’s Mum, Patricia, said:

“When Brittney woke up three days after her car accident, she was unable to stand, walk, talk or feed herself. However, after four months of intensive rehabilitation at The Children’s Trust including, speech and language therapy and physiotherapy, she was able to relearn all the skills she lost. Brittney is now able to walk and talk and has even gone back to school. I could not have done it without The Children’s Trust. They are lifesavers.”

The appeal will be broadcast on Sunday 22 November 1:55pm on BBC One and will be repeated on BBC Two on Monday 23 November. The programme will also be available on BBC iPlayer after the broadcast.

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