Sunday, 14 April 2024
Sunday, 14 April 2024

Manifesto: Inspiring change through digital excellence

manifesto, a new model of digital experience agency, has launched, with a unique focus on delivering outstanding, inclusive and sustainable digital products, services and experiences for clients across all digital platforms.  

The agency’s mission will be to create safe, ethical and valuable digital experiences that work for everyone and do no harm, crafting them in an authentically inclusive workplace that fosters connection, support and growth. It will launch with a manifesto for change for the digital industry – a set of nine commitments which will lay the case for a new approach to the design and development of digital products and services. The manifesto will be published on the agency’s new website:, which is now live.

manifesto, which describes itself as ‘the digital experience agency for changemakers’, launches with an impressive client list which includes UNICEF UK, Breast Cancer Now, The Trussell Trust, Woodgreen, The University of Edinburgh, The Royal Academy of Arts, Zoological Society London and  Historic Environment Scotland. Changemakers will refer to the agency’s clients, who are driving change on behalf of important causes, but also to partners and talent.

It will offer a wide range of in-house services across digital experience, strategy, transformation and design including experience design and development, digital strategy and innovation, digital brand purpose, digital platform advisory and architecture, emerging tech and experience trends, data platform and measurement, and digital marketing and engagement.

The agency will be led by Rebecca Hull as Managing Director. She will be supported by Louise Lai as Chief Client and Transformation Officer, Scott Ewings as Chief Experience Officer, John Ennew as Chief Technology Officer and Hugh James as Director of New Business and Partnerships.

manifesto’s unique specialisms will lie in using digital to drive customer engagement, revenue and fundraising, as well as creating audience experiences, for clients within its core sectors of charity, culture, arts, membership, higher education and commercial.

The agency will help its clients launch measurably impactful digital products and services that are ethically designed, inclusive, accessible and sustainable. This will be supported by its proprietary, data-driven approach to benchmarking and scoring all of these elements against a unique set of performance criteria – setting new industry standards for impactful digital experiences.

manifesto, which is part of a digital transformation company and certified B CorporationTM TPXimpact, has been created as a result of TPXimpact’s commitment to crafting ethical and impactful digital experiences. The newly formed agency builds upon the rich heritage, broad skillset and diverse experience of its three legacy agencies Manifesto, Deeson and Nudge.

Its team of 130 creatives, strategists and technologists will be based at TPXimpact’s headquarters in Whitechapel, as well as remotely across the UK.

Rebecca said:

“I am honoured to lead the launch of manifesto. A manifesto is a public declaration of intentions, principles, and beliefs that serves as a guiding star for change and values. I am so proud of our manifesto for change; it encapsulates the heart and soul of our business – read it and hold us to account for it.

“Building upon our lengthy heritage of [our three legacy agencies for] creating positive change, we are on a mission to shape a digital landscape that prioritises inclusivity, sustainability, and ethics. And in an industry known for high staff turnover, I am so grateful to my team of highly talented individuals who have worked with me, our business[es], and our clients for many years.”


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