Friday, 21 June 2024
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Friday, 21 June 2024

Making Miracles Happen – Celebrating Transforming Children’s Lives

As we look forward to another successful year, all of us at MiracleFeet wish to express our deepest thanks to all those who helped us transform the lives of children born with clubfoot around the world last year. Generous support allowed us to reach impressive milestones and change more young lives across the globe.

One of the children MiracleFeet supported with help from our partner in Nigeria is Chinecherem (pictured above).

When Chinecherem was born, her parents hid her clubfoot out of fear for her safety and afraid of the shame it would bring to their family. For years her parents searched for a remedy—visiting bone setters, herbalists, and traditional healers—but nothing worked.

Sadly, her story echoes that of many children born with clubfoot in low-resource regions.

After eight years, Chinecherem’s family finally found quality treatment at one of MiracleFeet’s partner clinics. While less ideal than early intervention, the Ponseti Method can still successfully treat clubfoot in older children like Chinecherem. Today she is an excellent student who loves playing and dancing with her friends and she and her parents are excited about her bright future.

This year, we expanded our presence and started programs in four new countries to help ensure more families like Chinecherem’s have access to this transformative care. Over 13,500 children across 34 countries began treatment this year, bringing our total to over 88,000 patients treated, and we’re poised to reach 100,000 total enrolments in the coming year.

Last year we also made great strides in expanding the number of trained clubfoot treatment providers training over 900 clinicians in the Ponseti Method. Increasing the number and availability of trained providers is central to our model of expanding sustainable access to treatment. In fact, MiracleFeet is now reaching over 50% of children born with clubfoot in their first year of life in eight countries (Bangladesh, Liberia, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe).

Additionally, we opened 77 new clinics last year, which not only increased our treatment capacity but expanded our footprint making treatment more accessible.

While the numbers paint an incredible picture, it’s the families’ smiles and children’s first pain-free steps that motivate us to deliver on our mission.

We hope you’ll continue this journey with us throughout 2024 as we work to eliminate clubfoot disability globally.

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