Friday, 19 April 2024
Friday, 19 April 2024

Major funder has supported over 12,000 organisations across the country

FOUNDATION Scotland, Scotland’s community foundation, has to date distributed over £150 million to more than 12,000 organisations making a difference in the length and breadth of the country. From local food banks to counselling services, to youth groups to training funds, the major funder has awarded over 44,000 grants in total to charities, social enterprises and community groups across Scotland since they were established in 1996. 

Foundation Scotland is an independent foundation that specialises in supporting charitable initiatives within local communities. The funds awarded to projects within Scotland’s communities are thanks to the generosity of donors who support the Foundation’s work. The breadth of donors includes individuals, families, companies, community bodies and other charities that work with the Foundation to set up and distribute charitable funds. The Foundation connects donors’ funds with community organisations working on the ground, ensuring their support stays relevant to local circumstances to deliver real impact.

Throughout the pandemic, the team at Foundation Scotland worked relentlessly to bring in new funds to meet the unprecedented demand from communities throughout the crisis. New donors such as The National Emergencies Trust helped the funder to distribute over £37million in the two years that followed the first lockdown in 2020. Using the Foundation’s extensive knowledge and proven reach within communities, the funds were distributed quickly to where they were needed most.

Aberdeen Sailing Trust has received over £35,000 from Foundation Scotland funds to date. Angie Fraser, Principal, of Aberdeenshire Sailing Trust said:

“We’re incredibly grateful for the ongoing funding support we have received from Foundation Scotland. Sailing, like other outdoor sports, gives young people huge opportunities to grow in confidence. The outcomes for children and young people are quite profound. Everything from growing in confidence, communication skills, problem-solving, team working, creativity, and a growing ability to risk assess. And all this learning is happening while the young person is engrossed in having fun. And to add to this, the benefits of doing an exciting outdoor sport, with peers and where that young person is absolutely respected, means the boost to mental health is really significant.”

The funder continues to work closely with communities across Scotland to identify and support the most critical needs emerging during the cost-of-living crisis, working with new and existing donors to create funds for charitable groups. Being able to distribute additional funding is as much a priority now as it was throughout the pandemic.

Giles Ruck, Chief Executive at Foundation Scotland, said:

“Reaching this significant milestone of over £150 million distributed to date is an outstanding achievement. For over 25 years, we’ve maintained our vision of supporting confident, thriving, resilient communities across Scotland, and we look forward to continuing this support to deliver continual impact.

“We know that local groups are best placed to offer support as they have the knowledge, passion and determination to deliver exceptional results. And for every community to thrive, it should be resourced to match its vision and powered by transformative funding. Thanks to the generosity of donors, corporates and individuals, we have collectively enabled and empowered thousands of vital local projects, such as Aberdeen Sailing Trust, to transform lives for the better.

“We are currently experiencing overwhelming demand for funding, and we will continue to work hard to reach and connect with new donors keen to distribute funds effectively at a local level so that together we can continue to deliver extraordinary support.”

From grantmaking to social investment opportunities, legacies to bursaries, Foundation Scotland is continually developing innovative and effective ways for donors to help Scotland’s communities thrive. Anyone interested in supporting their work can contact or call 0131 524 0300.

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