Sunday, 23 June 2024
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Sunday, 23 June 2024

Macmillan ‘Tender Yet Tough’ in new brand campaign

TOMORROW sees the launch of Macmillan’s new advert, ‘Tender Yet Tough’. Premiering during the commercial break of ITV1’s prime-time show ‘The Voice’, the 30-second ad is the first output of content under the new brand revamp, ‘Whatever It Takes’. In addition, a 2-minute long-form edit will also be available.

Taking an uncompromising and unflinching look at the realities of Macmillan cancer professionals, ‘Tender Yet Tough’ runs through the full gamut of emotions of day to day life and the ad is the beginning of Macmillan’s boldest brand campaign yet. The pivot is a bid to ensure the campaign works as hard as possible for fundraising efforts from 2021 onwards.

The change in brand direction also comes at a critical time for Macmillan Cancer Support. With the entire charity sector feeling the repercussions of the pandemic, Macmillan expects to lose £175m in funding over the next three years. It is this funding which is desperately needed in order to provide people living with cancer with clinical, practical and financial support.

Working with award-winning creative agency AMV BDDO and director, Jonathan Alric, ‘Tender Yet Tough’, shows the duality of Macmillan professionals, from the quiet moments before a shift to the intense final moments of love. Compassionate and caring, friendly and fearsome, ‘Tender Yet Tough’s’ emotional and sometimes brutal approach aims to bring awareness to the plight of people living with cancer in the most impactful way possible and galvanise the public through donations.

Emma Guise, Director of Brand and Communications for Macmillan said:

“Macmillan professionals up and down the country have spent the last year moving mountains to support people with cancer in the most difficult of circumstances. This new campaign with AMV brings to life our unique spirit by showcasing not just what Macmillan do, but how we do it – the kindness and compassion that we bring along with the grit and determination needed to ensure we can do whatever it takes for people with cancer. We hope this campaign will help the public see us differently and make us more relevant to them, so we can help all the people who need us right now and in the future.”

Macmillan 'Tender Yet Tough' in new brand campaign
Macmillan Whatever it takes

‘Tender Yet Tough’ debuts on Saturday 9th January 2021 during the commercial break of ITV1’s ‘The Voice’. The 30-second ad and the long-form 2-minute film will be available and across social platforms including YouTube and Instagram.


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