Thursday, 19 May 2022
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Thursday, 19 May 2022

Listen to experts ahead of next shielding guidance update urges Teenage Cancer Trust CEO

CORONAVIRUS guidance for those shielding in England and Wales was unexpectedly updated at the weekend. The rapid shift in advice is confusing and unsettling, particularly for those young people trying to manage their cancer reality amid a backdrop of a global pandemic.

Chief Executive of Teenage Cancer Trust, Kate Collins, reacts to the Government’s updated guidance and calls for better dialogue with experts ahead of the next update.

Kate Collins, Chief Executive of Teenage Cancer Trust, said:

“For thousands of young people with cancer, the relaxation of shielding restrictions will feel like a cloud has lifted – being able to go outside, exercise and interact with family or a friend will hugely benefit their mental and physical health. However, for others, this sudden shift in Government advice will be extremely unsettling.

“Communication around the updated guidance was extremely poor and confusing. We want to ensure all young people are safe and feel confident about what this new guidance means for them. If you are shielding you are advised to stay at home but you can:

  • Leave your home if you wish, providing you can stay 2m apart from others (socially distance)
  • Leave home to spend time outside with members of your household or one person from another if you live alone (ideally same person each time) and stay 2m apart
  • Continue to receive a weekly food parcel and other Government provided support

“If you’re concerned or have questions, please contact your GP or cancer team.

“Guidance for those shielding is due to be updated ahead of the 30th June. I strongly urge the Government to ensure they listen to the experts and work with charities to agree and clearly communicate new guidance. Only then will the cloud really begin to clear for people in this vulnerable group.”


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