Thursday, 18 July 2024
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Thursday, 18 July 2024

Lioness Esme Morgan’s charity campaign gets off to a roaring start

On Sunday 2nd July, Lioness Esme Morgan shared a video asking her supporters to attempt 5 keepy-uppies, nominate 5 friends and donate £5 to The Children’s Hospital Charity.

22-year-old Morgan has been a patron of the Charity since 2020, and this challenge is a continuation of her support. It’s been launched alongside the FIFA Women’s World Cup, with Esme wanting to celebrate her hard work by giving back to a cause close to her heart.

Esme was selected as a Lioness for this summer’s Women’s World Cup, after narrowly missing out on the UEFA Women’s Euros due to injury.

Following her selection Esme decided this was a perfect opportunity to fundraise for The Children’s Hospital Charity, in support of Sheffield Children’s.

On Sunday she posted a video to Instagram where she asked supporters to get involved in the challenge by attempting five keepy-uppies, nominating five friends and donating £5 to The Children’s Hospital Charity.

Esme then easily completed five keepy-uppies before tagging fellow Charity patrons Dan Walker and Jessica Ennis-Hill, alongside fellow Lioness Lauren Hemp, journalist Mike Minay, along with her mum and all fans of the Lionesses.

Previously, Esme supported the Charity by holding a raffle to win friend Laura Kemp’s Euros shirt, which raised over £5,000. This charity support at the last major international tournament led the way for Esme to start the 5 for Theo campaign.

Lioness Esme Morgan’s charity campaign gets off to a roaring start

The Children’s Hospital Charity supports Sheffield Children’s to change lives every day.  One of only three standalone children’s NHS Trusts in the country, the hospital sees patients from across the UK and beyond.

Home to a range of world-leading clinicians in care and research, alongside some of the best medical and surgical services available to children, demand for its services continues to grow every year.

Speaking at the time she became a patron, Esme said of Sheffield Children’s:

“I went to the Emergency Department at Sheffield Children’s Hospital. It’s probably no surprise that my biggest worry was not being able to play football, but I remember how kind and caring the staff were and how they looked after me.

“They were so reassuring in telling me I would be back to playing soon; it would heal, and I would be able to play with my friends again. I’m the kind of person who asks lots of questions even when I was younger, and I’ll never forget how patient and clear the staff were in giving me advice. It really was invaluable.”

Following their tags, fellow Charity patrons Jessica Ennis-Hill and Dan Walker took on the challenge. As long-time patrons of the Charity both have supported many events, come on tours and provided vital fundraising for the hospital.

Dan and Jess both completed their keepy-uppies brilliantly. Jess tagged footballer Jamie Redknapp, presenters Gabby Logan and Alison Hammond, and fellow Olympians Sir Chris Hoy and Jeanette Kwakye.

The challenge has begun to gain traction, with the #5forTheo hashtag spreading across social media, and people from across the country getting involved.

To take on the challenge and donate to The Children’s Hospital Charity, or visit the website here:


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