Monday, 15 July 2024
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Monday, 15 July 2024

Lifesaving charity provides defibrillators to local first responder groups

BIRMINGHAM based charity Arrive Alive is the only charity of its kind funding lifesaving 999 vehicles and equipment for Community First Responder groups, approved and trained by West Midlands Ambulance Service. The charity started its lifesaving work started after its founder Debbie Roscoe almost lost her daughter Ellie to a life-threatening illness.

Debbie Roscoe from Arrive Alive said:

“To be able to support lifesaving volunteers with the resources that are required to save lives is wonderful. The who are recruited and trained by the ambulance service are diverse individuals who give up their free time to attend 999 calls as an additional resource within the community. Arrive Alive is solely funded by donations and has still been actively supporting CFR’s during the pandemic. To find out more about Arrive Alive please visit our website.”

Arrive Alive has supported two local Community First Responder groups with new defibrillators which will be used during cardiac arrests, the defibrillators are also suitable for use in both paediatric and adult patients.

The Chairman of FastAid Black Country Dec Chebsey said:

“Thank you the Arrive Alive team for their invaluable support over the years with the provision of a vehicle, in addition to supporting the group with a new kitbag and defibrillator. These will be put to use with our newest trained CFR’s who have been recruited by West Midlands Ambulance Service.”

Matthew McNally Community First Responder from FastAid Solihull & Birmingham added:

“We are grateful for the support that has been provided by Arrive Alive, the new defibrillator will be added to our scheme car, it’s the necessary equipment that we hope to rarely need to use.”

Community First Responders (CFR’s)  are trained volunteers who are based within the heart of communities who are dispatched to medical emergencies following a 999 call to the ambulance service. Arrive Alive is an independent registered charity that supports these groups with the provision of resources to attend medical emergencies as an additional resource to the ambulance service to enable more lives to be saved.

Andy Jeynes Community Response Manager for WMAS UNHSFT said:

“We are overwhelmed by the generosity of Arrive Alive and the support they have given our Community Responders. WMAS UNHSFT has a number of Responders across the region who support the Ambulance Service in delivering the right patient care to the Right place at the right time. These Volunteers respond in their own time to life-threatening emergencies to render first aid prior to the arrival of an Ambulance. They are completely self-funded, the provision of Scheme Responder and equipment by Arrive Alive to these lifesaving groups is amazing. WMAS UNHSFT welcome the support Arrive Alive have given our Schemes and we look forward to continuing working together.”

To find out more about Arrive Alive please visit:


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