To mark its 95th anniversary, international specialist charity Lepra is inviting supporters, their friends and their families to help beat leprosy via a new scheme, “Your Present, Their Future”.

In lieu of giving presents to an individual for their particular occasion, donations to Lepra can be made via Facebook’s fundraising platform, which allows Facebook contacts to share within the app itself or directly to the charity via Lepra’s website or cheque.

Lepra: 'Your present, their future' new scheme
Ankitkumar, Anachal and Rokdiya

Whether it is a birthday, wedding, retirement or another special occasion, “Your Present, Their Future” offers a flexible way to help change the lives of 7 million people affected by leprosy, 3 million of whom are undiagnosed, while also raising awareness of this curable disease among friends, colleagues and loved ones.

Lepra works to find, diagnose, treat and support people affected by leprosy in India, Bangladesh & Mozambique. The charity also works to fight the prejudice and discrimination faced by people affected, which can lead to fear and delays in treatment which can lead to crippling disabilities.

Lepra: 'Your present, their future' new scheme

Geoff Prescott, Chief Executive at Lepra, commented:

“Leprosy has devastating effects on the lives of millions of people every single day. We are working hard to put an end to this and reduce these numbers drastically. This is why we are encouraging our supporters to donate their present to the future of these individuals affected. For every £1 donated, 88 pence goes towards supporting our projects. The remaining 12 pence helps us to bring in the next £1 so quite literally, every penny that somebody donates counts and will go towards making a difference.” 

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