Wednesday, 17 July 2024
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Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Legendary Explorer is urging local children to get active this Spring

ONE in four children leaves primary school each year unable to read well. If a child leaves primary school unable to read properly, they cannot access their secondary education fully, which will have life-long consequences.

The Schoolreaders Race for Reading campaign is encouraging families to join in by walking, running, swimming or cycling over the next 80 days (March 31st – June 19th 2023). Collectively, participants aim to cover the distance around the world – 25,000 miles. The challenge follows in the footsteps of legendary fictional explorer Phileas Fogg and is backed by the legendary real-world explorer.

As the ambassador for Schoolreaders’ Race for Reading campaign, Levison explained:

“I’m passionate about reading as it unlocks so many opportunities and helps you learn about our precious world. If a child falls behind the curve with their reading early on in life, it can have a lasting and devastating impact on their life chances. Schoolreaders does incredible work, by providing schools with free one-to-one reading support and volunteers to help those children catch up. Join me and get involved in Race for Reading to help other children to improve their life chances.

It’s simple to join, and free to take part. There is no minimum fundraising requirement, but just £30 will be enough to provide a child with an entire year of weekly one-to-one reading support. This will change the life story of less fortunate children.

Jane Whitbread, the founder of Schoolreaders, commented:

“This is the third year we have run the Race for Reading – it has proved very popular and successful. Anyone can take part, and cover miles in any way. Even simply by walking the dog!

Sadly, only half (51%) of disadvantaged pupils are currently able to read to the expected standard at the end of Key Stage 1 (around 8 years old). Last year, funds raised from our Race for Reading challenge helped more than 1,700 children learn to read. Learning to read opens the door to learning and increases life chances. We hope even more people will take part this year, please join us!”

“By participating in Race for Reading you can make a world of difference to a child who needs support with their reading. Pledge to walk, run, swim, cycle or do whatever you can to raise the vital funds we need to provide a child with reading support. The more money we raise, the more Schoolreaders volunteers we can recruit to listen to children read in primary schools with the greatest need. Good reading skills can be a life-changer.”

It’s free to register so sign up today at:


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