Charity Today Editor – Lee B. Rayment

Lee B. Rayment

Lee B. Rayment is a prominent figure in the charitable sector. He is the Executive Editor of Charity Today and is widely recognised as the nation’s leading charity news journalist. All while celebrated as the visionary founder of the highly impactful UK Charity Week. But above all, he is a devoted husband and loving father.

With a passion for making a difference, Lee has dedicated his life to shining a spotlight on charitable causes and driving positive change.

Professional Career

In 2007, following the shock and sudden passing of his father, Lee founded the national charity news publication Charity Today. In his role as a national charity news editor, Lee has fearlessly wielded the power of media to amplify the voices of diverse charitable organisations. Through his exemplary journalism, he has illuminated the stories of countless individuals and groups dedicated to bettering the world. His work not only informs but also motivates communities to rally behind the causes that matter most.

In 2012, Lee B. Rayment founded UK Charity Week, a groundbreaking campaign that unites charitable organisations under a common mission. This visionary initiative has fostered collaboration and solidarity among diverse causes, empowering charities across the nation to make a more significant collective impact. Through his steadfast leadership, UK Charity Week has given charities a platform to raise millions of pounds for their respective causes and grown into a transformative force for good, touching countless lives and garnering widespread support.

Personal Life

Beyond his professional achievements, Lee leads a humble life and finds immense fulfilment in his role as a husband and father. Together with his wife, Jay, they form a compassionate and dedicated team, united in their commitment to creating positive change. The couple are blessed with three children, who they say are ‘the heart and soul of their family’.

Lee B. Rayment’s exceptional contributions to society have garnered him numerous prestigious awards and honours. However, he remains humble, attributing his success to the collective efforts of those who share his vision of a more compassionate world.

Awards & Honours

News Editor of the Year
Issued by Media Awards · Feb 2016

UK Unsung Hero Award
Issued by Charity Awards · Sept 2019

Lifetime Achievement Award
Issued by Johnson Press plc · Dec 2019

At the then age of 39, Lee was the youngest-ever, recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. The accolade was for his efforts supporting UK charities up and down the country, and providing them with the platform to raise large sums of money themselves through the UK Charity Week campaign that continues to galvanise the public every year.

Lifesaving Awards

British Heart Foundation CPR Hero Award
Issued by British Heart Foundation · July 2018

Lee B. Rayment

In 2018, Rayment was awarded the British Heart Foundation CPR Hero Award for saving the lives of two men in separate incidents. (Source: Top award for man who saved two lives. Source: Cambridgeshire man who performed life-saving CPR twice receives ‘Hero Award’ from British Heart Foundation.)

Outstanding Act of Bravery
Issued by Johnson Press plc · Dec 2019

Source: Johnson Press plc. ‘Mr Rayment demonstrated outstanding courage on two occasions. The first was when he performed life-saving CPR on a man having a cardiac arrest during a televised sports match. The second was when a Lithuanian man was hit by a car crossing the road, resulting in the windscreen being impaled around his body.

‘Lee stopped his car and was the only person to actively support the emergency services keeping him alive until they arrived. Lee also demonstrates another type of courage through his work with UK Charity Week and is a hugely popular figure in the UK’s charity sector.’