Sunday, 14 April 2024
Sunday, 14 April 2024

Leaving party planned ahead of Shropshire charity’s £1.5m HQ rebuild

A Shropshire charity is hosting a leaving party in September ahead of its headquarters being demolished to make way for a new £1.5 million state-of-the-art building to be built.

SYA is hoping for a big turnout and is eager to hear from businesses, secondary schools, supporters past, present and future and anyone else who would like to look around its existing HQ in Upton Lane, Shrewsbury, and find out more about the amazing work the charity does for children and young people across Shropshire.

The party takes place on Tuesday, September 19, from 3pm to 6pm – ahead of the demolition of the building which is due to start on October 1.

SYA is then planning to bring everyone back for a grand opening ceremony once the new HQ has been built.

SYA staff are hoping to create a collection of memories across the walls of the current building and would like anyone with any photographs, memories or anything they have created at SYA to get in touch.

Claire Purcell, Community Engagement and Fundraising Manager at SYA, stressed that it would be very much a case of business as usual during the rebuild with all the charity’s services carrying on unaffected.

She said:

“The leaving party will be a fantastic opportunity to engage with the local community and so many people we have been involved with up until this point and will continue to work with as we go forward.

“Our supporters and our young people are at the heart of what we do so this is the chance to say goodbye to the old HQ and celebrate the start of the new build.

“It will be a great opportunity to network and we would love to see businesses, corporates, schools, past and present supporters and anyone who may be looking to potentially fund us in the future taking up the invitation.

“We want people to have a look around, learn more about the work we are doing in the community and hear about our amazing stories and exciting plans for the future.”

Claire added:

“Some schools, for example, are unaware of the services we offer for free.

“Our event on September 19 will provide the chance to find out more and will also give us the opportunity to encourage them to get their young people to join our youth clubs and take advantage of the range of services available through SYA.

“Some of our trustees will be there on the day, along with the Deputy Mayor of Shrewsbury, Councillor David Vasmer, to meet and greet visitors and we are hoping some young people will be on hand to talk about the difference SYA has made to their lives.

“We are delighted to be showcasing SYA in this way and look forward to meeting anyone and everyone interested in the work we do.

“We have exciting plans for the future and want people to join us on that journey – helping us deliver those plans as we move forward. We are hoping for a really good turnout at our party and after our new building is built we intend to host a grand opening ceremony with everyone invited back.”

SYA – All About Youth is committed to running youth clubs, groups and projects for young people and supporting voluntary groups across the county. The charity has received the £1.5m grant for its new building from the Youth Investment Fund.

To register interest in attending SYA – All About Youth’s leaving party, call 01743 730005 or email


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