Sunday, 21 April 2024
Sunday, 21 April 2024

Kindred is the answer to people who want to make a difference

2020 has not been easy on a lot of businesses especially the charity sector. Due to the deteriorating economic situation and people simply not being able to afford supporting charities, they have reported over £300million drop in donations since April. That is a big hit for those who needed the support the most prior to the pandemic.

Kindred’s main mission is to support charities and aims to do it in an unprecedented way. Kindred is THE answer, not only for charities but also for individuals who need to set some cash aside. How do they do it? The Kindred Clever Shopping Companion makes the donation process effortless. By simply adding it to the browser, users can shop across 25,000 brands, earn cash back and donate a percentage of that cash back to one of 40,000 charities.

It is super easy it is to add to a browser and activate cashback. Kindred will do everything else for you! Users can shop across 25,000 brands and earn an average of 9.72% cashback with every purchase. Then choose a percentage of the cashback they’d like to donate to a chosen charity and make someone’s life better!

Anne Campbell from Embrace Child Victims of Crime said:

“Kindred’s ‘Clever Shopping Companion’ has given Embrace the support and financial platform to continue to focus on supporting children, young people and families who have been harmed by crime. Understandably charitable donations have slowed over the last 6 months however with the help of Kindred’s browser extension this has enabled our supporters, friends and family to continue to support us whilst shopping online. The Kindred ‘Clever Shopping Extension’ is a very simple and effective tool which we encourage everyone to use and add to their computers. Ultimately this will help save and change lives.”

Kindred is the answer to people who want to make a differenceFollow Kindred on Instagram where they share a lot of good with the world: @kindred_social


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