Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Kindred: Is donating a dying trend?

MASSIVE reduction in donations being received by charities during the pandemic spurred to develop some tech for good that donates without the donor noticing in their own budgets. The donor actually even gets cashback too!

Kindred – the company that brought you the NHS Rainbow T-Shirts last year – is showcasing our new shopping extension that is available on laptops and now MOBILE! When you shop online, brands have agreed to donate to charities on your behalf, meaning you don’t need to spend any additional pennies and still support charities every month with every purchase.

Kindred: Is donating a dying trend?Why wouldn’t you?

This means Kindred and our 30,000+ brand partners are creating a sustainable stream of donations for charities – and it works seamlessly with your current e-com journey.   

Why don’t you try it out for yourself –

  • Kindred is releasing a new mobile version of their shopping extension – the Kindred Keyboard
  • Users can now earn cashback and donate to charity from their mobile phones, laptops and tablets!
  • Over 30,000+ brands have signed up and support this initiative, from John Lewis to JD Sport and Amazon to Kindred, allowing you to shop and earn cashback. You can choose to support over 20,000 charities – big and small!

How does the Kindred Keyboard work?

  • Download the Kindred App from the Apple Store or Google App store. Complete all the onboarding steps and activate the keyboard, then go to your mobile browser. Earn a £5 welcome bonus just for completing the onboarding steps.
  • Go shopping – as you search for a brand or website on your mobile browser, be sure to click on the quick links displayed just for you in the results ribbon. We only ever show you what you have searched for.
  • Get cashback – Watch your savings grow! Eligible purchases will earn cashback that is deposited straight into your Kindred wallet. When you’re ready, withdraw your cash earnings straight to PayPal. No bank details needed. Safe & secure.
  • Fundraise for charity – at least 1% of your cashback goes towards your chosen charity. Feeling generous? You can bump it to up to 100% so you can make an even bigger impact for your special cause. Choose from over 20,000 charities in your app settings.

Kindred: Is donating a dying trend?Who’s Kindred? Kindred is a Social Enterprise working with over 30,000+ brands & helping over 20,000+ charities online. On a mission to support these charities through conscious consumption, Kindred developed a shopping extension and Kindred Keyboard that allows consumers to shop, earn cashback, save it or donate it all in one place! It makes the donation process effortless, extremely simple and is already used by tens of thousands of people supporting both local and national charities whilst shopping.

Here is what Kindred CEO Aaron Simpson said:

“We are extremely proud to announce that we are the first company in the world to create a seamless way to shop on your mobile phone and give to charities at the same time whilst earning some much-needed cash back for yourself. We have spent a lot of time and effort making this consumer journey effortless, and we feel that as people hear about this new way of shopping through their phones, they’ll adopt it and spread the word to their friends and family. The question that I often get asked is – why wouldn’t you do this? And it’s true – once you use it, you never go back! With nearly 70% of e-commerce starting on the browser with a search – we have helped make it easy to get deals and support your community.”

With the Kindred Keyboard, you could be donating to charities with every online purchase. Why wouldn’t you try it then? Download the app at:

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