Sunday, 19 May 2024
Sunday, 19 May 2024

KEDA Consulting launches free online tool to help charities grow grant income

KEDA Consulting has launched their Trust Fundraising Scorecard this week to help charities to grow their grant income as they fight for survival in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The online tool measures your charity’s ability to secure grant funding and identifies the strengths and areas for growth in your trust fundraising programme.

It’s free, confidential and takes just 10 minutes. You will answer 40 questions to receive your scorecard results straight away. The score includes an overall score and a breakdown of your performance across five categories essential to trust fundraising. You will also receive tailored, practical recommendations on how to increase your grant income.

Julie Shield, Partnerships Manager, Bliss said:

“It really makes you think about your Trust Fundraising in a way that you wouldn’t often do as you’re usually so immersed in the application process or gathering information. It was a useful exercise to think about it from a more strategic and holistic point of view.”

The scorecard will measure you against the five-step trust fundraising framework:

  1. Prospects: Do you identify, qualify and prioritise your prospects?
  2. Case for support: Do you have a clear, compelling and comprehensive case for support that makes your charity and projects stand out?
  3. Applications: Can you pass funders’ assessment tests with credibility, authority and passion?
  4. Relationships: Are funders happy to provide grant funding year after year so you can deliver the social impact they want to see?
  5. Management: Are you managing an effective trust fundraising programme with valuable internal relationships and efficient systems?

KEDA Consulting launches free online tool to help charities grow grant income

Alex Blake, Director, KEDA Consulting said:

“The five-step trust fundraising framework has always been an important part of any successful fundraising programme, but it’s more vital than ever following the huge financial impact of COVID-19 on the sector. We wanted a way for charities to assess their strengths and weaknesses and get tailored recommendations to grow grant income, free of charge, so we created the Scorecard. We hope this will help charities to secure the funding they need to survive and thrive.”

You can take the test and get your free scorecard at


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