Wednesday, 29 May 2024
Wednesday, 29 May 2024

JustGiving partners with to launch new ‘Giving Checkout’ initiative, a leading global cloud-based payments provider, has partnered with the world’s leading fundraising platform, JustGiving, to launch a new online donation tool, ‘Giving Checkout’ for the UK charities sector.

Leading online giving platform, JustGiving has launched a new donations tool, ‘Giving Checkout’, to offer charities a new, easy way to accept donations made directly through their websites. Charities in the UK can embed links on their websites and owned channels to receive donations from donors. Through integration with, this solution offers free donation processing, which means 100% of the donation will be passed through to the cause, 100% of the time.

Donors will have the ability to make a voluntary contribution, enabling continued investment in the JustGiving platform, which powers thousands of social good causes globally each year. ‘Giving Checkout’ offers a scalable solution for charities, replacing off-the-shelf solutions from legacy providers, which have hindered charitable donations with a lack of suitable payment methods and performance issues.

JustGiving has been working with since late 2019 after a legacy provider had faced performance issues under the world record-breaking Captain Sir Tom Moore fundraiser for NHS Charities Together. Since then,’s cloud-based payments platform and global acquiring footprint have processed card transactions for JustGiving’s international operations.’s modern technology stack easily manages viral fundraising campaigns delivery improved approval rates and performance for high transaction volumes.

Olivier Shaw-Latimer, Director, Global Fintech at Blackbaud, said:

“The British public has continued to give generously throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, but charities of all sizes are under considerable pressure. JustGiving is delighted to be launching our new ‘Giving Checkout’. No processing fees will be paid by charities when people give to good causes through this channel, meaning more money going to the front line, where it’s needed more than ever. Our integration to has been a key component of making this proposition a reality.

“We’ve had a very positive and constructive relationship, gradually shifting more and more processing volume over to in the past 18 months. Their technology has proven itself to deal with viral fundraising campaigns and demonstrated an ability to constantly drive better performance for JustGiving. It’s been a great success for us.”

JustGiving partners with to launch new ‘Giving Checkout’ initiative
Matthieu Barral

Matthieu Barral, Senior Vice President of, said:

“Our payments platform has enabled the businesses we serve to adapt to the digital-first environment of lockdown, and we have sought to leverage our technology to help community groups respond in the same way. The performance JustGiving has been able to unlock with our technology is a testament to the best in class acceptance rates our merchants receive. We’re proud to support the team with the launch of ‘Giving Checkout’.”

The global pandemic has disproportionately impacted the Third Sector. Research from Nottingham Trent University, National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) and Sheffield Hallam University found that over 40% of the charity sector had been left in a worsening financial situation as a result of the pandemic.’s own Black Boxes and Paradoxes report found in a survey of Charitable organisations that just 18% received advisory and strategic support from their payment partners. Just 14% of charities have access to payment and transaction data via a user interface, less than half that of other industries.


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