Sunday, 23 June 2024
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Sunday, 23 June 2024

Join the Global 6K for Water during Bike to School Week

DID you take part in World Vision’s Global 6K for Water – walking, cycling, jogging or scooting 6kms to raise funds for communities that don’t have access to the clean water necessary for survival? 

While lots of G6K activities took place during World Water Week (23-27 August) the team at World Vision UK is encouraging people to join in all year round.

So why not arrange a G6K for Water during Bike to School Week (27 September – 1 October)? Bike to School Week aims to celebrate cycling and scooting and the benefits they have on children’s wellbeing and the environment. By taking your children to school on their bikes, not in the car, you are helping them develop healthy habits and protecting the planet from climate change. This in itself helps people in poorer countries who are worst affected by rising global temperatures.

These include the thousands of children, some as young as four, who walk an average of 6km, through often treacherous terrain to collect water. The water containers are heavy and the water can often be dirty. These children are regularly late for school and so exhausted they struggle to concentrate in class.

Mark Sheard, World Vision UK CEO said:

“As an organisation, we are huge advocates of the difference cycling makes. We encourage our staff to cycle to work by providing showers and changing facilities at our headquarters in Milton Keynes. 

“Similarly, our programmes globally include providing bicycles for children in poorer communities. These bikes give children transport to school and around their areas and can provide a speedy way out of dangerous situations.”

And, if you can’t cycle to school or to work, could you clock up some miles on a static bike to raise funds to transform poorer communities? By doing so you could be helping people like Paul Muke (pictured below) a health worker who uses a bicycle given to him by World Vision to do routine check-ups in his community in South Sudan. Or Sunita (pictured above about to leave for school) and her friends in the Sarlahi District of Nepal. Sunita was one of 253 girls in grade 7 who were given a bike by World Vision. Pedal power means she never misses a day of school.

World Vision’s Must-Have gifts catalogue includes a range of gifts for people in poorer countries, including bicycles to help youngsters get to schools and community workers reach more people in remote areas.


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