Thursday, 18 July 2024
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Thursday, 18 July 2024

Join In Kind Direct’s mission to tackle Hygiene Poverty in the UK

In Kind Direct is a charity that believes everyone deserves access to life’s essentials and that no usable product should go to waste – they exist to enable more people to thrive with confidence and dignity.

Their Not a Choice campaign aims to raise awareness of hygiene poverty in the UK and the impossible choices that people have to make daily. They’re inviting charitable organisations from all over the UK to join their network and access essential hygiene products to support people in their communities.

Their research highlights that 9 million adults are experiencing hygiene poverty in the UK, 38% of whom live with children1.

Hygiene poverty refers to going without one or more hygiene products because a person cannot afford them. Many people experiencing this face the impossible choice of whether to heat, eat or keep clean every day, and the arrival of winter and cold weather only makes this more challenging.

Hygiene poverty affects 1 in 6 UK adults from a diverse range of households, meaning that we are all likely to know someone who has experienced hygiene poverty, or we may have experienced it ourselves. Whilst systematic action and advocacy are needed to stop the cycle of different facets of hygiene poverty reinforcing each other, providing access to essential products helps people right now.

In Kind Direct is committed to taking action against hygiene poverty and provides support to a wide range of charitable organisations including registered charities, community centres, schools, food projects, refuges and more.

The charity supports over 365,000 people a week through its charitable network with new consumer products donated by corporate partners, ranging from shower gel, toilet roll, period products and hygiene essentials to cleaning products, clothing and refurbished tech. Not only do these products help to make people feel clean, valued and cared for, but they also act as a gateway to opening up conversations and determining other forms of help a family or individual may need.

Organisations registered with In Kind Direct can access these products for a fraction of their retail price as their charge simply provides a contribution to logistics costs and covers shipping costs, meaning organisations can divert their critical funds to other important areas of their organisation and help more people in their community.

In addition to being able to assist people with core products, In Kind Direct believes that knowing how to start conversations and create safe spaces free from stigma is vital as awareness of hygiene poverty increases in the UK. They have assembled a range of educational resources that can be accessed by the public through their website, which talks about hygiene poverty and other difficult subjects.

To spread the word, they’re urging more charitable organisations across the UK to support their campaign and help raise awareness of hygiene poverty in the UK by sharing Not a Choice assets via social media, newsletters, email, or websites.

If you’re a charitable organisation looking to support more people in your community experiencing hygiene poverty, join In Kind Direct’s network for free today to access the products you need when you need them.

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