Thursday, 23 May 2024
Thursday, 23 May 2024

Jessie May Children’s Hospice at Home release their 22-23 Impact Report

JESSIE May Children’s Hospice at Home provides vital at-home nursing, family support and respite care for children and young people who have a terminal or life-shortening condition. Families are able to make the most of the precious time they have left with their loved ones. 

One parent told Charity Today:

“Jessie may have been a source of strength for us both through this time. We view Jessie May as an extension of our family.”

This year’s Impact Report 2022-2023 captures the busy year that Jessie May has had, and is a testament to all their achievements. It is packed with personal stories and awe-inspiring statistics that capture some of the remarkable work that Jessie May undertakes every day.

This year’s impact report includes a piece on Josephine and Francesca; twin girls who were cared for by Jessie May. It is a poignant story which explores their parent’s experiences of Jessie May’s support throughout their girls’ lives.  

The report also contains an emotive diary entry from Vicky, a Jessie May Nurse. Her diary entry gives us an insight into the expertise and kindness needed to provide palliative care to the children she nurses. Her gentleness and compassion are palpable.

“She receives her feed and, conscious that this could cause vomiting, we play a quiet game of dolls and dress-ups while we wait for mum to come back, then hospital transport arrives to take them for a long afternoon of dialysis.”

Jessie May Children's Hospice at Home release their 22-23 Impact Report

It is a moving read showing how Jessie May nurses balance the play and medical needs of children with such skill and empathy.

Daniel Cheesman, Jessie May’s CEO, was delighted to share the charity’s achievements of 2022-23 with Charity Today, he said:

“Thanks to generous charitable donations, 79 children and families shared 4,377 hours of specialist nursing support. Jessie May is proud to have been able to support 53 families through bereavement and to be able to offer them support for at least a further 5 years. We held a bereaved family picnic to foster a sense of connection and support among families experiencing loss.

“We asked families if their children felt happy and secure with their nurses; 100% of responses said yes! All of these achievements and more were made possible by our tireless staff, fundraisers and the generous trusts and foundations that support us.”

The year has had many fundraising highlights for the charity including Lloyd Kembrey’s ‘12 challenge’ which has seen him and his friends complete challenges that include an Ice Marathon and climbing the height of Everest. For those that preferred a less active fundraising event, Jessie May also hosted their first charity dinner, raising over £18,000.

2022 also marked the launch of the “No Place Like Home” 5-year strategy from Jessie May. At the heart of the strategy is a commitment to working with more children and their wider families, especially siblings, in providing the best hospice care at home.  

Daniel explains: 

“Jessie May’s 5-year strategy will also offer 24/7 End of Life Support for children in their own homes. We plan to launch new projects aimed at providing support to siblings and other family members, in addition to the children they care for. Furthermore, we are dedicated to influencing and supporting the establishment of services similar to Jessie May where they don’t yet exist. You can read more in our impact report.”

Collectively, Jessie May, along with its supporters, has raised an impressive sum of £1,668,789. Undoubtedly, they play a vital role as a crucial service for children facing life-limiting illnesses.

The impact report lays out the emotions, the highs and the lows, the positive results of their care and the clear plan for the future of the charity.

A moving and essential read.


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