James Lucy – Watches That Are Changing The World

JAMES Lucy, a brand new Social Enterprise, is attempting to do to the humble wristwatch, what TOM’s did for the espadrille.

James Lucy will donate at least 50% of all profits in year 1 to charities around the world, with this figure rising to 75% in years 2 and 3, and as close to 100% as they can manage by year 5 onwards, whilst still maintaining business growth and thus giving more and more to good causes. Charities will be voted for by their customers so that they can have a say in the way the money is allocated.

Having launched a campaign on IndieGoGo.com, James Lucy is offering a range of 3 watch designs, each in 3 colour options, giving 9 styles in total.

Alongside this, they offer a range of quick release straps from a classic leather strap (in 4 colour options) through to an elegant wool strap (2 options), a modern classic in the Nato strap (3 options), and a World’s First – the Gaucho Strap (3 options). Inspired by the belts worn by Gauchos in Argentina, these straps have never been seen before and will no doubt turn a few heads with their interesting design and bright colours.

Together this gives over 100 possible combinations, to find a look that will suit anyone’s taste, with more options becoming available if they hit their stretch goals.

The “#Time4” campaign they will run, will promote the 3 charity sectors that they will split the money between each year.

#Time4Time (Medical) being a charity that gives more time to the sick through life-changing medical research.

#Time4Change (Environmental) being a charity that is working to make much-needed changes in the world, from preventing sewage waste and chemical dumping, to planting more trees and stopping deforestation.

#Time4Good (Humanitarian) being any charity working to help people around the world.

James Lucy is attempting to recruit “TimeGivers” through their social media activity and during the IndieGoGo campaign. These people will help spread the James Lucy word and in turn, have the share of profits from their generated revenue be donated directly to any charity of their choice, in their name.

James Lucy is a forward-thinking company, and everything that they do is geared around Social good, the environment and equality. They aim to grow the business into various sectors (starting with watches) revolutionising the way they think about consumerism around the world, and in the long term, to set up their own charity to help causes chosen by customers and even getting their customers involved in projects that they carry out.

They launched their campaign on IndieGoGo.com this week. The campaign page can be seen here: www.igg.me/at/JamesLucy

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