James Byfield completes his 4 marathon challenge for local charity

Lepra’s Marketing, Communications and Fundraising Assistant, James Byfield, ran his final marathon in his 4 marathon challenge last weekend in Stockholm. Raising over £680 so far, the money donated can be used to help diagnose people in India, Bangladesh and Mozambique with leprosy, along with providing the cure and post-treatment care that they may need.

James completed the Stockholm marathon in a personal best time of 5 hours 37 minutes, shaving an impressive 20 minutes off of his first marathon time. 

Now, these challenges are complete, James is enjoying taking a short break from training before he begins his next two marathon challenges later in the year.

When asked about his 4 marathon challenge, James commented:

“The marathons provided me with an opportunity to see the highlights of Paris, Ottawa and Stockholm through heavy rain and intense midday sun creating very memorable experiences. The Ottawa Lumberjack Challenge was a great deal more difficult than I expected having been worn out on the first day of racing, but I felt proud to have completed a challenge. I plan on running the Brussels eco-trail marathon in September, which involves running up the equivalent height of 2.3 Eiffel Towers, and then the Cologne marathon in October with the hope that my marathon time continues to improve”.

James Byfield completes his 4 marathon challenge for local charity

You can support James by donating on his fundraising page

Those who are interested in fundraising for Lepra are advised to email fundraising@lepra.org.uk to find out about opportunities and how to get involved.