The Good Exchange is a Not-for-Profit, Charity-Funded on-line matching platform that matches organisations with money to give to good causes (the funders), to the organisations that need it (the fundraisers). 

We work at a local, regional or national level, with grant givers such as trusts, foundations business, local authorities and high net worth individuals and also with members of the public who donate and fundraise for charitable projects.

Fundraisers can use The Good Exchange to cut the time wasted making speculative applications, provide full project transparency to prospective funders and gain access to multiple grant-givers through one on-line application form.  In addition, match funding grants incentivise and motivate fundraisers to increase their efforts and fundraise more quickly.

We like to support #UKCharityWeek as it raises awareness of the hundreds of charities across the UK including through The Good Exchange, celebrates the hard work charities undertaken by and their fundraisers to allow essential projects and services to run all over the UK.

The Good Exchange’s fundraising platform alleviates the pressure on charities by driving down administration costs, streamlining processes and maximising the amount of money passed onto the organisation. By moving towards a more automated and connected sector, more time is freed up for charities to focus on the delivery of core charitable services to beneficiaries.