Tuesday, 25 June 2024
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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

International Children’s Care UK: Rays of Sunshine in India

LIKE most sisters, Shanta and Priya have enjoyed each other’s companionship and have experienced much of life together. Sadly, they have also experienced the pains of death together as well. Several years ago, their mother died due to a lung infection and tuberculosis. Soon after, tragedy struck again when their father died.

It was fortunate that the two little girls were not separated after the death of their parents. Their grandmother took them in and provided for them until she became too old and could no longer give them the care they needed.

Desperate for food, clothing and shelter, the girls asked for assistance at the elementary school in India where the ICC Sweet Home children attend. They were referred to Sweet Home, and because of the support of faithful donors like you, they soon became a part of a loving family – together still. They are bright young ladies and are adding rays of sunshine to the Sweet Home campus. But they will need your support now and into the future to have the ongoing care they need.

Speaking of rays of sunshine…

We recognize and appreciate the continued support of the ICC family of sponsors and donors.

Your generosity is a true bright spot in the lives of the children who have had their own share of challenges during the worldwide COVID pandemic.

There have been extreme lockdown measures in India, curfews, and sometimes the staff have only been allowed out on the street to go to the store or bank for a few hours a day. Even though the ICC family in India has been hunkered down during the pandemic, there have been abundant rays of sunshine spread throughout the campus by the older children. Many of these students are taking medical training and had to return to campus to take their university studies online.

These older children have been paying forward the support that you have given them by helping around the campus and being excellent role models to their younger brothers and sisters on the campus. Here is a spotlight on a few of them:

International Children's Care UK: Rays of Sunshine in India

Karunakar is just finishing his final year of nurses training. During the pandemic, he was a ray of sunshine to the younger children by educating them on social distancing, hand washing frequently with soap and water, especially before meals, steam inhalation, use of masks and sanitizing door handles and maintaining the cleanliness of their surroundings. He also helped cook all three meals per day and lead out worship services with the boys in their home. He shared God’s love and encouraged them to pray for family members that were suffering from COVID. He encouraged the children to remember the ICC family and their sponsors in their personal prayers, too.

Divya, Preethi, and Poornima are all attending nursing school together. Divya and Preethi are starting their second year, and Poornima is starting her third year. During the pandemic, these three girls returned to Sweet Home to take their classes online. While home, they had ample time to be a ray of sunshine to the younger children by using natural healing and prevention methods. They were able to teach proper cleaning practices and hygiene to minimize the spread of the virus. Poornima was especially instrumental in encouraging the young girls to have faith in God. She also conducted group prayers.

Ashok is starting his second year of medical school. When the pandemic hit India, he was not able to return to Sweet Home. He often called to check up on his brothers and sisters and mentioned that he was praying for the ICC family for their safety from the COVID-19 pandemic. Ashok provided a ray of sunshine by staying connected with his Sweet Home family.

International Children's Care UK: Rays of Sunshine in India
Priya and Shanta

Sharon Fleck, ICC Children’s Services Director, had this to say about these older children:

“I am really proud of our young people at Sweet Home in India. ICC was able to help these young people when they needed it when they were young. We then saw them helping others on campus during the pandemic, and they envision themselves helping others when they have completed their education. That is a reason that some have chosen nursing. You as sponsors and donors have helped these young people accomplish their dreams of becoming nurses and even a doctor. Thank you very much for your support.”

Your Help Needed to Keep the Sun Shining!

Shanta and Priya have experienced tragedy first hand.

• The death of their mother and father,

• The declining health and capacity of their grandmother,

• The hunger and privation that compelled them to seek help.

It’s not been long since they became a part of the Sweet Home family. And they will need ongoing, long-term care. They have nowhere else to turn. Would you be willing to sponsor one of them or another child in need?

Or would you be willing to give a one-time donation or set up a recurring gift to help support the children at Sweet Home? This new generation of children has such wonderful potential to follow in the paths of their older ‘siblings’ who are excellent role models for them. They just need your help. Please, be a ray of sunshine to them by designating a special gift for their care today. Thank you! https://www.iccuk.org.uk/.


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