Friday, 21 June 2024
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Friday, 21 June 2024

International Children’s Care UK: Cinthia shares her story

AFTER the loss of their grandmother, Cinthia and her two sisters found themselves all alone in the world. So, the Mexican Department of Children’s Services brought the girls to El Oasis to start a new life. Cinthia soon learned about God’s love, and about the worldwide family of supporters who share in that love.

Cinthia said:

“If there is a happy place for me, that’s El Oasis. Why? Because it gives me peace. They helped me a lot, spiritually, emotionally and in every aspect of life growing up.”

As Cinthia grew up, she discovered a desire to help others. That is when she decided, with God’s blessing, to study to become a dental surgeon.

Cinthia said:

“I’m a person who loves to smile and laugh, so I started thinking if I have the chance, why not help more people to smile?. That was the moment when I asked God, ‘Lord, if you want me to study this, I will.’ And I had the opportunity!”

Not only did Cinthia gain the opportunity to attend dental school, but now, after graduation, she has been invited to serve at a local community near El Oasis.

International Children's Care UK: Cinthia shares her story
Cinthia Tovar Ibarra 2020 Graduation

Cinthia concluded:

“I never thought I could go to Montemorelos University to become a dental surgeon, but God led me, and I know I can help many people now. If I’m close to El Oasis and I can support them, I know they need help, I say yes – one hundred percent!”

Cinthia’s spirit of helpfulness is a beautiful reflection of the support that you so willingly provide. There are many more children, just like Cinthia, waiting for someone to reach out with a helping hand of support. Thank you for helping the kids!

The Gathering Place, Episode 008, will be available in the near future, featuring Cinthia’s story.

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