Wednesday, 17 April 2024
Wednesday, 17 April 2024

International anti-poverty charity invites applications for funding partnerships

An anti-poverty charity with an innovative approach to fundraising is inviting applications from charities in need of funding for development projects taking place in 2022. 

Be One Percent is a UK-registered grant-giving charity aiming to end extreme poverty. Founded in 2011 by Matt Johnson and Steve Pilgrim, the charity takes a unique approach to generate funds. Donors or ‘Members’ give 1% of their income to help the world’s poorest communities while businesses fund their running costs. The funds are then given in grants to other organisations supporting some of the world’s poorest and vulnerable communities.

Each year, Be One Percent chooses 12 projects to fund to create a diverse calendar of funded activities. They strive to find the most efficient and effective charity partners. The people they work with are amongst the best in their field, focusing on different areas of poverty alleviation across the developing world to ensure their members’ donations are going as far as they can go. To date, the charity has funded 125 projects, reaching 557,000 people.

International anti-poverty charity invites applications for funding partnerships
Photograph credit: Be One Percent

Be One Percent is now welcoming applications for 2022 funding from efficient and effective organisations working for the alleviation of poverty. 

To be considered a charity must:

  • Be working to alleviate poverty within some of the world’s poorest countries and communities.
  • Be a registered charity; with The Charity Commission in England and Wales, The OSCR in Scotland or internationally.
  • Have been active for 2 years or more.
  • Have a charitable spend of 90% or more or be able to use 100% of a Be One Percent grant for charitable activities. Ideally both.
  • Have a maximum yearly income of £50,000,000.
  • Be able to ring-fence a grant amount set by us for a specific outcome or for a specific purpose within a larger project or practice.

More details on eligibility and how to apply can be found, by visiting:

Matt Johnson, Founder for Be One Percent said:

“Over the past ten years, we’ve been proud to support so many vital development charities and projects. We’re excited to welcome applications from new organisations so we can increase our reach and impact and help even more people living in poverty around the world.”


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