Tuesday, 23 July 2024
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Tuesday, 23 July 2024

Insert Query launch CharityIQ a new charity focused data analytics suite for Charity Log CRM

Insert Query launch CharityIQ a new charity focused data analytics suite for Charity Log CRMBUSINESS intelligence technology company Insert Query connect with CRM provider Charity Log to launch a new data analytics suite focusing on the reporting needs of charities.

Insert Query, a leading business intelligence solutions provider, announce the launch of its new charity focused data analytics suite, Charity IQ. Designed exclusively for Charity Log users, the Charity IQ data analytics suite will ingest Charity Log data into a central analytics data model aimed at satisfying the core reporting needs of charities. This new technology will give users the ability to easily turn their data into actionable insights.

The development of Charity IQ has been launched by building on the customer relationship management tool Charity Log as an add-on service. The focus of Charity IQ  is to provide advanced analytics accessible in a simple to use and understand dashboards by accessing data, querying it and presenting the results in a secure cloud-based SaaS solution.

The new data analytics suite will integrate directly with Charity Log through the use of the official API to collect user-inputted data on an almost real-time basis. Through a collection of interactive and visually appealing dashboards, users will be able to consolidate their data into decision driving insights which are assessable from a PC, tablet or mobile, and will provide insights into:

  • Staff and workload analysis: Understanding staff’s workload and analyse what cases, projects even geographical areas are taking up their time and how that time is allocated
  • Cases and characteristics: Deep dive into data analytics with no prior experience by examining different case characteristics such as their status, outcome, even their referral and contact methods
  • Trends and patterns: Uncover trends and patterns that appear over time for cases and demographics and understand your operational method and your audience

CharityIQ will also provide free updates to the data analytics suite as and when they become available as the suite evolves to cater for the analytical and reporting needs of charities.

Sofoklis Loizou, Director– at Insert Query commented:

“We are very proud to announce the launch of our new charity focused data analytics suite for Charity Log users. Data is at the core of every entity, and our focus is on allowing those entities to unlock the power of their own data. We have implemented BI & Data Analytics solutions in a variety of industries that are primarily led by revenue, but to satisfy the reporting needs of charities, we had to go back to the drawing board. By utilizing our expertise, we managed to create a people-centric data analytics suite that is focusing on analysing the cases and clients that charities work with.

“With Charity IQ, you can discover aspects of your cases and clients that may not have been evident before or even identify trends in your data over time. We’ve removed the tedious tasks of creating and compiling static reports for you so you can focus on getting answers from your Charity Log data that can be shared safely with every stakeholder involved.”

Andrew Palmer, Chief Executive of the Cambridge Deaf Association and Charity Log user, commented:

“Charity IQ’s offering has allowed us to dramatically reduce the time and manpower we spend on reporting. Before its integration, we would typically allocate 1 full day a week for our reports, whereas now we only need a couple of hours a month. Not only has it given us more time, but it has also enabled our staff to work more efficiently. With access available from any device, in any location, our data and reporting is available at the click of a button.

“For a charity like ours, Charity IQ is a no brainer.”

For more information, please visit: www.charityiq.co.uk.


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