Friday, 19 April 2024
Friday, 19 April 2024

ICC Romania Now Home to Ukrainian Refugees

THE first family arrives from Ukraine. The voices of small children are filling the air at the ICC Romania Children’s Village. Romania is one country where Ukrainians are seeking refuge from the war that is ravaging their country. As the crisis continues to expand, ICC has mobilized to accept families who have fled their homeland in search of a safe place.

ICC’s children’s village in Romania has the capacity to accept families with children into facilities that are currently not being used by our ICC Romania family. The refugees would not interfere with our program there. ICC president, Rick Fleck, has authorized the use of these facilities and in fact, has stated that “taking care of refugee families is very much in line with ICC’s mission.” Romanian church members volunteered to clean and prepare the homes for the refugees. 

The first Ukrainian family arrived on Monday evening, March 14. The family consists of a pregnant mother and her seven children. ADRA Romania assisted this family and referred them to us. 

No one knows the extent to which the refugee crisis will continue to grow and what role ICC may play in providing a safe haven for other families. We will provide further updates in the monthly Que Pasa and through e-mail and social media updates.

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