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Hypocrites! School isolates teenager for haircut, but teacher praised!

Taylor before his charity haircut

A Cornwall teenager who shaved his unruly locks raising hundreds for Cancer Research UK has been put into isolation on his return to school.

15-year-old Taylor Jones had raised £850, but when he went back to Launceston College in Cornwall he was ordered straight into isolation because of his “extreme haircut”.

Taylor is due to take his GCSEs in just under a month and has been told he cannot return to lessons until his hair grows back to a more suitable length.

The school’s action has driven more people to donate to his fundraising drive and boosted his effort.

In a bizarre twist, the school has publicly praised one of its teachers for doing the same!

A post on its website that appeared in the midst of the bad publicity states ‘Launceston College drama teacher, Madeleine Spink, ‘braved the shave’ by having her hair cut in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, raising thousands of pounds’. The post appeared on the 19th April when the story was beginning to gain momentum.

The school appear to be trying to justify their actions in a backhanded manner by making a point that ‘it was expertly cut’ and ‘down to a number 3’.

Taylor’s dad Nick Jones accused the school of acting like a “dictatorship”.

He said his son was so upset after his first day in isolation that he had to persuade him to go to school the next day.

He said: “He has been growing it for a while and it had got very unruly and most people said his previous hairstyle was more of an extreme haircut than this is.

“We did try to get him to do it in the first week of the holidays, but unfortunately the people who were going to cut his hair weren’t available, so he decided he would take the consequences and do it on Saturday.”