Raising over £27,000 to date, Founders of MAHI Leather, Camilla and Jamie Rose from Stamford Lincolnshire, have been distributing a fraction of their sales to safe water and sanitation charity, Frank Water.

By donating £1.16 per transaction made on the leather goods website, this enables Frank Water to action clean water for a lifetime for 2,250 people, (the average family size in India = four members, therefore this significant donation could provide clean water to 40 families in the country). As a result of this momentous contribution, females who would stay at home to travel and supply water for their homes can now further their education and household income. Girls can attend school and develop to become the next generation’s pioneers, whilst simultaneously, working women can provide an additional income stream within their household thus, increasing the chances of better standards of living.

Husband and wife team from Stamford raise £27,000 for FRANK Water

Whilst giving back to communities in need creates a firm sense of corporate social responsibility for the married entrepreneurs Jamie and Camilla, the true root of the cause is far deeper; enabling communities who lack clean water facilities to access a greater and wholesome life as well as facilitating the freedom of females are both contributing enforcements for MAHI Leather’s charitable cause.

Established in 2016, MAHI Leather’s Founders are believers in ensuring their customers are provided with both ethical and quality leather goods. Whether that be the Classic Duffle travel bag, the Oxford Zip-Up Portfolio or the Cross Back Leather Apron, both Jamie and Camilla Rose of MAHI Leather are committed to allowing customers to benefit from sophisticated goods at an honest price. Affordability aside, all products are handmade to order, enabling customers to personalise items with embroidered initials or request modifications.

The leather used is also by-products of meat and dairy farming in India, meaning that the materials used are sourced responsibly, positioning ethical fashion at the centre of MAHI Leather’s values. Combining the core values of MAHI Leather with their substantial donations to Frank Water undoubtedly ascertains the affordable leather goods brand at the forefront of ethical, responsible and conscious fashion. Consumers are now more than ever concerned about their purchasing habits and how brands are making a difference beyond the fashion industry, such movements from MAHI Leather lay the foundations for fashion with a conscience.

Husband and wife team from Stamford raise £27,000 for FRANK Water

Because of MAHI Leather’s dedication and devotion to providing safe water and sanitation in collaboration with Frank Water, MAHI Leather have witnessed staggering growth in their brand. Merged with their high-quality offerings, the brand’s attentiveness to the charitable cause has in turn resonated with customers on a global scale. It is common knowledge that customers are more likely to shop and stay loyal to a brand if the brand is contributing towards societal causes, MAHI Leather are an example of how acting upon issues as a brand can further generate brand awareness, acceptance and admiration from like-minded consumers.

Husband and wife team from Stamford raise £27,000 for FRANK Water

Jamie and Camilla Rose, Founders of MAHI Leather said:

“It brings our team and us great pleasure and mutual satisfaction knowing that with each sale MAHI Leather makes, a portion of that revenue is donated to Frank Water. It is absolutely pivotal as brand owners that we assert our attention to providing a sustainable and ethical cycle, donating to Frank Water is part of that.

“Knowing that our work can make a true difference to people’s lives is without a doubt stimulating for our entire workforce; this motivates MAHI Leather to continue producing quality leather goods as we are aware how impactful our contributions can be for communities who require safe water and sanitation. Reaching a sum of £27,000 is an incredible feeling and we look forward to working with Frank Water to ensure vulnerable communities are provided with the facilities to develop, prosper and live.” 

For more information please visit: https://mahileather.com/pages/supporting-frank-water