A huge charity appeal raising money for the Bristol Heart Institute (BHI) has hit the fundraising target.

The BHI is one of the UK’s leading cardiac centres and the money raised will provide the latest surgical techniques, treatments and facilities at the hospital.

Of the money raised, £378,000 will be used towards the relocation of the echocardiography facility from the Bristol Royal Infirmary to right next to the coronary care unit in the BHI. This will make a huge difference to patient care, with poorly patients no longer having to make the long, public journey for their scan.

The £830,000 appeal was run by Above & Beyond, the official charity for Bristol city centre hospitals.

Alan Bryan, a consultant at the BHI, said:

“I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported this appeal and helped us on the way to hitting the target.

“The money raised will be invaluable for us as staff and really help us continue to deliver the very best care to cardiac patients from Bristol and across the south-west.”

Huge Bristol Heart Institute Appeal hits fundraising target
Pete Lamb fundraised for the appeal

In addition to the echocardiography facility, the appeal will fund iPads to help patients with their rehabilitation, echo machines to aid urgent bedside diagnoses, rehabilitation chairs and other equipment for the hospital.

Edd Smith, corporate partnerships and community fundraising manager for the charity, said:

“The appeal had a huge amount of support from fundraisers, donors and staff at the hospital which has really helped us smash the target.

“The end of the appeal does not mean the end of work with the BHI and we’ll continue to raise funds for the hospital.

“Anyone interested in fundraising for any of the city centre hospitals can get in touch. Money raised will make a real difference to patient care.”

For more information on fundraising for Above & Beyond, visit the website: www.aboveandbeyond.org.uk.