Sunday, 21 April 2024
Sunday, 21 April 2024

How Adopt-A-Child spread joy over the festive period

DECEMBER is always a very busy time for our teams in both Guatemala and Albania and last December they were able to hold full Christmas celebrations at our programmes for the first time in 3 years, including giving out the Christmas Gifts.


In Guatemala, the Christmas celebrations at each of the programmes started at the end of November and continued through to the end of the first week in December. Each programme had a special day with drama, dancing and a teaching time, as well as the favourite meal of Fried Chicken for lunch. Staff prepared around 6,970 Christmas Food Baskets containing special food, candies and cookies for each child and widow/widower in our programs. It was a time of great joy for our teams as well as the children, as we were able to celebrate Jesus’ birth altogether again.


In Albania, most of the Christmas celebrations took place in the Churches in the week running up to Christmas Day. A special service was held where the children of the Church performed a drama (something that the youngsters in Albania love to do) and at the end of the service they each received their Christmas food box from the ministry and a gift box.  We were blessed to have gifts donated this year from Team Hope, Samaritans Purse and Focus Albania. This meant that not only did all our registered children and adults receive an extra gift, but we were also able to give something to everyone in our congregations who come to Church but are not registered on our Adopt-A-Child programme. In Upper Mokra we were able to give all our children and adults a Christmas food box, gift box and a family box of clothing (extra clothing is a very special blessing to families in this rural, mountain area). Some of the mums had to go and get their donkeys to be able to carry everything home!  

In the village of Kotodesh, our youth group had a time of fellowship, cooking and sharing a meal together at the program. The first two community meals in Albania for adults in need in the area also took place in our churches in Katjel and Rodokal during December and we plan to hold these monthly in all our centres. A very busy month, but our staff teams really enjoyed and appreciated sharing these happy days with the communities they serve week in, week out in Albania.

All the teams in Guatemala and Albania then had some well-deserved time off to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with their families and friends.  

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