Hove mother and son duo raise £190k for children living in poverty

Giulia (86) and Freddie St George (50), a mother and son team from Hove, have raised a staggering £190k for children living in poverty from the proceeds of the 30th Anniversary of the Italian Job Rally. 

Monies were raised through a collective effort of the those taking part, sponsorship from Argo Global and various other supporters and sponsors of The Italian Job Rally – an adventure holiday organised by Guilia and Freddie each year.

Inspired by the 1969 Michael Caine film of the same name, the motoring holiday is a road trip for Mini and vintage car enthusiasts, taking adventurers (who are called ‘Jobbers’ for the duration) off the beaten track to experience the real Italy, away from the tourist trail, as well as revisiting some of the locations used in the hit movie.

The Italian Job’s raison d’être is to raise money for children in poverty in the UK. Each team is encouraged to raise money in advance of the trip through local fundraising activities and sponsorship of their car.

Hove mother and son duo raise £190k for children living in poverty

The Italian Job’s current charity is Buttle UK who provide financial assistance in the form of Chances for Children grants directly to struggling families across the UK.  The grants themselves are designed to give children a genuine chance for change in their lives by paying for things that their families would not otherwise be able to afford.   Whether Buttle UK gives a bed to a child who has become used to sleeping on the floor; counselling to a young boy or girl who has fled an abusive home with their mother or a laptop to support a homeless teenager to begin their first college course, their direct, efficient and intelligent grants always focused on the needs of the individual.

Buttle UK was established in 1953 following the death of Frank Buttle, an East End clergyman, who raised nearly £1m to help launch children out of poverty. Since then, the money has been re-invested and multiplied countless times. This legacy means the charity can cover its own administration costs so that 100% of any monies raised by The Italian Job Rally goes directly to give children a chance.

Hove mother and son duo raise £190k for children living in poverty
Modena 1996

The Italian Job Rally really is an adventure of a lifetime with many holidaymakers returning year on year and making lifelong friends in the process. The Jobbers begin their journey at Folkestone’s Channel Tunnel before making their way through France and Germany, to start the run properly in Italy. It takes in exclusive visits to Italian Grand Prix circuits, cities, picturesque settings and historic sites. However, every year it also spends time in Turin visiting locations that were featured in the original film. Wherever they go, the convoy turns heads and garners admiring glances, with the cars and their owners greeted like celebrities at stops en route.

With only £96,414,86 to reach the next milestone of £3 million, Freddie & Giulia are already busy organising this year’s Rally which will see the convoy of 50 cars exploring a whole new set of spectacular locations, while seeing and tasting the real Italy!

The dates of the event this year are – 28 October start in Imola and 5 November finish in Turin – full details can be found at www.italianjob.com.  Registration for this year’s event is now open.

For more information please visit: www.buttleuk.org