Hospice modernises ‘Adventure’ brand to embrace new fundraising trends

With the changing fundraising landscape, charities are seeing a rise in supporters stepping out of their comfort zone to take on challenge events.

St Barnabas Hospice, a Lincolnshire-based charity, embraced this growing method of fundraising by appointing a Challenge Fundraiser, Mike Pastor, in 2017. Since then, Mike has grown this area and has helped an additional £330,500 be generated from hospice supporters in the past two years.

In the 2019 CAF UK Giving report, the number of people saying they have given to charity has dropped from 61% to 57% over the past three years. This is why charities such as St Barnabas Hospice are looking at different ways to engage supporters and raise money. Championed by Mike Pastor and Amelia Chambers (Marketing & Communications Manager), the Hospice has unveiled its new ‘Adventure’ brand, putting them at the forefront of challenge fundraising.

Hospice modernises 'Adventure' brand to embrace new fundraising trends

Amelia said:

“We have worked to totally transform the face of our challenge events. The re-brand began by changing the name to ‘Adventure with St Barnabas’ and from there, seven illustrated characters have been created to represent the seven key areas of challenge fundraising.

“Our hope is that these striking new images will encourage a new generation of supporters who want to take part in challenge fundraising for the Hospice. We’re really excited to see some of the areas grow with the rollout of this new brand.”

Mike added:

“JustGiving has recently announced that cycling events have the second-highest fundraising page value, so this is an area we will be particularly looking to grow. We have already come on board with the GIANT Lincoln Cycle Sportive and will be offering this as a cycling option for those supporters who want to fundraise on a bike!

“The people who fundraise for us are so inspirational and their courage and kindness is second-to-none. Our new ‘Adventure’ brand is a reflection of these incredible people and we hope it shows that you don’t have to be at the peak of physical fitness to go on an Adventure with St Barnabas.

Hospice modernises 'Adventure' brand to embrace new fundraising trends

The Hospice would like to introduce you to:

Bushcraft Björn, Trekking Trevor, Swimming Marge, Running Roger, Skydiving Stella, Wingwalking Winnie, and last but not least, Cycling Cedric!

To view the full list of ways you can Adventure with St Barnabas, visit www.stbarnabashospice.co.uk/events. If you would like to get in touch with Mike to learn more about the successful re-brand of St Barnabas challenge events, email mike.pastor@stbarnabashospice.co.uk or call 01522 540 300.