Sunday, 21 April 2024
Sunday, 21 April 2024

Honouring Six Remarkable Organisations on International Women’s Day

TODAY, on International Women’s Day 2024, Feed the Minds proudly celebrates the remarkable achievements of six organisations dedicated to women’s empowerment.

These organisations have shown unwavering commitment to advancing gender equality, championing women’s rights, and advocating for education and opportunities worldwide. We commend their tireless efforts and dedication to creating a brighter future for women everywhere.


The SCF project in Pakistan has been at the forefront of championing the plight of women in the cotton industry. With initial funding for 12 months, SCF has demonstrated that women in Pakistan can adequately stand up for their labour rights and they can enhance their capabilities to earn income and create wealth. The efforts of SCF to provide basic literacy to women cotton pickers, create awareness among cotton-picking women about their rights and emphasise the importance of collective bargaining for better wages through the formation of trade unions have started transforming the lives of marginalised women in Pakistan. Feed the Minds recognises the role SCF is playing and awards SCF for its magnificent work.


SIRP has pioneered the process of fighting FGM from all possible fronts. By thinking outside the box, SIRP has, over the last two years, managed to bring men to the centre of the campaign against FGM. It has demonstrated that fathers in the communities can fight for their daughters. Feed the Minds believes that the participation of men in the fight against FGM is a generational achievement to espouse and recognises SIRP for demonstrating that men are equally affected by the injustice carried out on innocent girls. This award is to appreciate the investment that SIRP is making in saving women’s dignity in their society.

Honouring Six Remarkable Organisations on International Women's DayACTION FOR CHILD SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION (ASCET), Uganda

Having witnessed women suffer because of war, drought, and insecurity over the years, ACSET’s livelihoods and well-being project for women in Uganda has brought hope and peace to thousands of families. Insistence on training in improved agricultural practises, income generation skills and financial literacy has left every participant smiling and hoping for a better future for their children. Women are now able to enjoy food items they once admired in the market. The focus on kitchen gardening has not only provided poor families with access to healthy food but has also opened doors to income generation, allowing them entry into financial services. All participants can now save, and those willing can borrow and invest. ACSET has guided women to move from food production to value addition, leading to the production of reusable sanitary pads, clothing items, cakes, and soap for income. Feed the Minds recognises ACSET for demonstrating that education is indeed a key to success, and it encompasses more than just reading, writing, and counting.


In a society where widows are treated with suspicion and contempt, DCF has succeeded in organising and consolidating the skills and commitment of widows to bring about change in the community. With only a group of 30 neglected women due to their status in society, a unique social enterprise focuses on the production of items such as baskets and reusable sanitary pads to ensure women and girls have access to small items that carry significant meaning for women’s dignity.

The social enterprise has not only provided income and recognition to widows but also helped identify another category that needs support – girls in schools. Through clubs, girls are reached for menstrual health hygiene and health education thus providing the missing links. Feed the Minds awards DCF for being at the forefront of fighting for the two categories of women that are truly marginalised, girls and widows.


Every human being has a role to play in conserving the plants and animals in the ecosystem and they are responsible for their own livelihood irrespective of age and gender. In Madagascar, poor women who found themselves living along a shrinking coastal vegetation resorted to the collection of cocoons for survival. Recognising this, Tanjona Association has succeeded in bringing together these women to contribute significantly to the conservation of mangrove forests and improve their livelihoods.

With a 12-month pilot project, 90 women in a small village have demonstrated that they have the capacity to contribute to the restoration of mangrove forests, create employment and involve men in the conservation of forests as opposed to deforestation. Feed the Minds recognises the Tanjona Association’s efforts in demonstrating that the environment is well-conserved by the people deriving livelihoods from it.


Palani Hills in India is a settlement that exemplifies how challenging terrain living can be a significant obstacle to human life. Families on the hills rely on forest produce such as honey, herbal seeds, and tamarin fruits. The only known trade involves roadside stalls selling mangoes and tender coconuts. The literacy rate is very low, with the majority of individuals being at the primary school level. The SHARE project has been working for many years to bring socio-economic improvements to the rural communities in Palani Hills through study centres and vocational training for young people, aiming at economic empowerment.

Vocational skills have contributed significantly to transforming the lives of young people and opening up the hills to development. Over time, there has been a growing focus on the development of adolescent girls and children, with the realisation and implementation of guidance and support services. Feed the Minds believes that the people of Palani Hills will, in the long term, experience development. This award serves as an encouragement for the work SHARE is committed to.

In honouring these organisations, we reaffirm our collective commitment to advancing gender equality and ensuring that every woman’s voice is heard, respected, and valued.


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