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Homeless autistic man with tumours told he is not a priority by Cornwall Council

CORNWALL Council has today been named and shamed by autism activist Anna Kennedy OBE after the council told an autistic man with numerous health conditions that he was ‘not a priority’ for housing.
Homeless autistic man, Dominic Clark Campbell

Dominic Clark Campbell, 46, has been sleeping rough on a street bench for just under a week. 

Mr Campbell approached Cornwall Council in a desperate plea for some support after losing his job due to ill health but was told he was not a priority.

Mr Campbell’s bed for the last few nights.

Autism campaigner Anna Kennedy OBE told Charity Today:

“This man is alone and autistic, and as if that is not enough, he is living with a number of serious health conditions, including; tumours, NF1, intense headaches and skin conditions amongst many other painful symptoms. I feel absolutely ashamed of what our country is coming to, how can we treat people like this?”

Anna Kennedy OBE and Lee Rayment

It is a view shared by Charity Today editor and UK Charity Week founder Lee Rayment, who added:

“The council should have a plan B, especially for those as vulnerable as Dominic. It’s people like Anna that keep my faith in humanity because right now our politicians and councils are only looking inwards, yet these are the very people employed to be dealing with this kind of thing.

“The public has been very supportive of Anna’s efforts for Dominic, and it just goes to show that if people join forces good things can be achieved. Now it’s over to Cornwall Council to show what they are about.”

Anna has since set up a fundraising page for Dominic to get him a little support, the initial goal was £500, but this has since risen to £1,400.

Anna has also paid for him to have three nights at the local Travelodge in the hope that something can be sorted for him quickly.

A spokesperson for Cornwall Council has since told Charity Today:

“Individual cases can be incredibly complex. In a situation like this, Cornwall Housing takes all possible action to help prevent homelessness in the first place. If that is not possible, we will support the person to help them find appropriate, alternative accommodation and provide a range of help including accessing other forms of emergency and social housing.

“Depending on an individual’s circumstances we will offer support which may include referrals to help access emergency accommodation and support services, a referral for financial assistance and an offer of a deposit and rent in advance.”

No update was given on where Dominic’s case was at within this process.

You can donate to the Fundraising Page, by clicking here.