Holby City and Casualty star George Rainsford teams up with anti-bullying charity

Actor George Rainsford, who stars as Dr Ethan Hardy in Casualty and Holby City, and played Jimmy in Call The Midwife, has joined forces with anti-bullying charity Kidscape to raise awareness of how to keep children safe from bullying.

Kidscape is the longest-running anti-bullying charity and provides advice and direct support to children affected by bullying, and their families. Bullying affects up to 40% of children throughout the course of the school year, with approximately one child per classroom experiencing daily bullying. An independent evaluation of Kidscape’s work found that their anti-bullying workshops for families led to a significant drop in bullying, as well as improvements to confidence and mental health.

We are delighted that George Rainsford has become an ambassador for Kidscape to raise awareness of the support available for families who are affected by bullying and to support Kidscape’s anti-bullying work.

George Rainsford said:

“I think a lot of families worry about bullying and the possibility that their own children are victims of bullying. Being a parent myself, it is something that concerns you. I think the work that Kidscape does is therefore absolutely invaluable. Their work enables children and families to work through issues of bullying with specific, practical advice, to prevent the suffering of young people. We all want our children to feel safe and empowered. Kidscape does just that.”

Kidscape CEO Lauren Seager-Smith said:

“We’re delighted to have George join our team of Kidscape Ambassadors. It’s essential that families know what to do when their child is facing a bullying situation, as well as children themselves. Many parents come to Kidscape at their wits’ end, wishing they knew what to do to make the situation stop. George can help us reach out to families in need and help bullying stop.”

Kidscape works directly with children and families experiencing bullying, across the UK. We provide workshops for children and their families, teaching confidence and assertiveness skills to tackle a bullying situation. We provide practical support and telephone advice to parents and carers worried about bullying situations. We also train professionals on how to challenge and prevent bullying in schools. For more information visit www.kidscape.org.uk