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History of #UKCharityWeek

The #UKCharityWeek social media campaign dated back to the formation of the Charity Today publication back in 2010. It was at this time that things began to develop, thanks to the initiative of Charity Today editor, Mr Lee Rayment.

UK Charity Week founder Lee Rayment
#UKCharityWeek founder Lee Rayment
Photograph Credit: ACS Photography

Mr Rayment pulled together hundreds of charity executives to sell them the concept of collaboration being the way forward in this modern digital era. With some sceptical, he went on to show them that this can be done with good effect.

In the months ahead he devised initial plans, visited numerous charities and galvanised those he felt were genuinely behind the campaign’s objectives.

From then things began to escalate very quickly as the charities started to grow in confidence and draw up their events and activities to undertake during the week.

Now years down the line, millions of pounds have been raised by good causes all over the UK, and it is a campaign that is admired and participated in by tens of thousands of people around the country every year.